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What birds of

Excursion to the Malinka biological research station speak about, it was very informative and positive. Left indelible impressions in memory and there is a wish to share with all. Lasted slightly more than 1,5 hours and it was devoted to songbirds of Moscow area whom in our corner of the world, more than 100 types live. It is the interesting photostory in 39 colourful photos.

From the East and the North the biological research station of the Malinka is bordered with the mixed and very picturesque woods. From - for constructions of the cottage settlement it was necessary to bypass a fence and some site of a way to a biological research station to move in the wood on an azimuth. An important reference point on the way is the breach in a stone wall under the optimistic name Pass (Troitsk was in Soviet period the confidential scientific city). The wood rather pure, without blockages. Already site of a route from Troitsk to a biological research station is very pleasant. The magnificent black alder announces the beginning of the broad-leaved wood. Seldom where you will meet such groves of a black alder. Mostly the road passes on the wood reminding park. On the parties of a thicket of lilies of the valley, abundance of strawberry fields, among which yellow buttercups smile, giving a sunlight and, being pleasing to the eye. Blue uvulas the zhivuchka creeping as indicators on the way shines. The biological research station of the Malinka reminds slightly started noble estate. The biological research station of the Malinka is successfully located. From the West and from the South Zhiletovk`s small river, an original pearl of local places flows.

It turns out that by means of singing of a bird fight for the existence, find individuals of an opposite sex. Arrange song posts and duels. Riddle: why it is so difficult to distinguish birds on their singing, and the answer that they speak also everyone the language, it is difficult for us to understand about what, for us this remarkable singing. For the person to study singing of birds approximately the same as to learn foreign languages with unclear sense. It is very difficult. People spend many years to learn to distinguish on singing of only several tens birds. There is even a sports ornithology when in the wood competition who will be able to distinguish more birds on singing is arranged.

It is possible to listen with delight as the oriole sings, the chaffinch. In singing of the Chaffinch it is necessary to distinguish fyit - fyit - la - la - vi - to a chi - kik and in shout - ringing pink - pink . Orioles are very beautiful, but it is difficult to see them as they live in kroner of high trees. The oriole can sing, reminding flute sounds flyu - to a ti - a li and can shout as a cat - vzhyayaaa .

Still strike the facts how birds are guided in space. For example, porridge - Dubrovnik from Moscow area flies to wintering through all Siberia and the Far East to the Southern China. It appears, birds can visually perceive a magnetic field of Earth. They see the northern direction as a dark stain.

In general, excursion to a biological research station of the Malinka left good impression. It can be recommended safely to all fans of the nature Situated near Moscow, especially beginning tourists, school students, parents with children. A good opportunity to make a small campaign and to learn a lot of interesting.

After the Malinka biological research station the campaign proceeded as usual. Fields with raznotravy were replaced by the woods, full blockages.