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Whether there is an advantage of sex?

Sex is useful not only to a body, but also to mind. These researches which were conducted by the specialist of Medical institute of Hamburg Verner Habermel testify to it.

The scientist proved that occupations by love force a human brain to work better and do people by cleverer. Sex increases the level of adrenaline and hormone of cortisol which stimulate activity gray substance .

Besides, additional receipts of endorphin and serotonin which are allocated during an orgasm increase self-confidence.

Sex does you by cleverer and helps to solve various problems which are not connected with private life " at all; - the scientist declared.

Earlier specialists of Royal university in Belfast conducted research of how sex influences the general physical condition of the person. As a result it became clear that sex even few times in a week favorably influences health. Namely:

- Sense of smell improves. After sex production of hormone of Prolactinum increases. It, in turn, forces stem cells to form in a brain new neurons in the center of sense of smell.

- The risk of heart diseases decreases. After above-mentioned research of Royal university, in 2001 scientists concentrated the attention on warmly - vascular system. They found out that at men who have sex three times a week or are more often, the probability of a heart attack and stroke decreases twice.

- Weight is lost, the general state improves. Sex is physical exercises too. One passionate sexual intercourse burns 200 calories - approximately as much how many 15 minutes of run on a racetrack or party in squash. At sexually excited person pulse rate increases from 70 to 150 beats per minute, just as at the athlete who makes the maximum effort. Besides, reductions of muscles during sexual intercourse develop a basin, hips, buttocks, hands and a thorax. Sex also increase production of testosterone that leads to strengthening of bones and muscles. The Men`s Health magazine even called a bed the best apparatus which was ever invented .

- The depression decreases. Such is result of the research conducted in 2002 among 293 women. The American psychologist Gordon Gallup found out that sexually active women whose partners during sexual intercourses did not use condoms, were less subject to a depression, than those women whose partners used a condom. One of possible explanations of such dependence is that prostaglandin - hormone which contains in sperm - is absorbed in a female genital tract, regulating thereby production of women`s hormones.

- Anesthesia. Just before an orgasm the level of hormone of oxytocin increases five times, in comparison with its usual level. It, in turn, leads to formation of endorphins which render soothing effect at any type of pain, beginning from head and finishing pains at arthritis and even migraine. At women of sex also lead to production of estrogen which can suppress the pains connected with the premenstrual period.

- The probability of flu and cold decreases. At University Wilks (Wilkes University) in the State of Pennsylvania was research according to which results at the people having sex one or two times a week, quantity of antibodies under the name " is made; A " immunoglobulin; is 30% higher, than at those who are engaged in it less often. These antibodies are known that they strengthen immune system.

- The condition of a bladder improves. Heard about exercises of doctor Kegel for muscles of genitals? We make them, even without realizing it, every time when we stop an urination. And so, the same muscles work also during sexual intercourse.

- The dental health improves. the spermoplazma contains zinc, calcium and other mineral substances which as it is proved, slow down destruction of teeth. Caring for children, we will not begin to specify how these mineral substances achieve the objectives. Let`s tell only that such way, perhaps, is more effective, and, above all - more pleasant, than traditional expression of toothpaste. By the way, scientists found out that rules of hygiene demand toothbrushing to or after sexual intercourse that in itself already promotes preservation of health of teeth.

- Healthy prostate gland. Some urologists believe that there is a dependence between rate of an ejaculation and development of a prostate cancer. Arguments are adduced the following: for production of semen the prostate gland and seed bubbles take away such substances as zinc, lemon acid, potassium from blood, and then increase their concentration to 600 times. The carcinogens which are also present at blood concentrate too. Instead of keeping these concentrated carcinogens in an organism, it is better to get rid of them. It can be made thanks to old kind sex. However if your purpose is only clarification of a prostate gland, then the best will be to be engaged in masturbation, especially if you have several partners as sex with several partners, in itself, can increase risk of cancer by 40 percent. It is connected with the fact that there is a danger of infection with sexual diseases. So if you want to take all advantage of clarification of a prostate gland without the accompanying risk, then work as hands. The research published in British Journal of Urology International claims that men in 20 - summer age thanks to an ejaculation more than five times a week on a third reduce probability of a disease of a prostate cancer.