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Scanty and soft

In the yard of usual American school, behind sheds. Where usually there are also most significant events in life of teenagers which if do not temper character that, at least do not prevent formation morally - the moral principles of younger generation. And so, behind these sheds boys were measured by piska.

Still! The winner was waited by the lifelong title Mr. Maxihard.

For those who not in a subject. In Russian, it means Huge and Rigid .

Therefore each boy considered as a point of honor - to participate in competition.

- And I? How I? I want too, - biting and parting forcibly sharp lokotka of other applicants, little Billey made the way in life to the future glory.

Schoolmates for some reason avoided to meet the eyes of it. And, silently, parted. Though business was not in the high competition or personal hostility. No, in the general turmoil of preparation for action about it it is simple - naprosto forgot.

Then still nobody knew that little Billey had no chances of success. Any. Did not know about it also Billey. But the victory - that is not the main thing. The main thing - absolutely another. Not to all it is given

- Hey, you! And well, pokazh that at you there, - already outlined favourite ordered it.

- What? - did not understand Billey.

- That at you there, - the favourite painfully stuck the boy with a forefinger into a fly darkly - blue uniform trousers.

- H - that? - Billey was taken aback. Suddenly somehow then reached it that he made a mistake when he got into all this. Looking around, the boy moved back away from the spindle-legs. Rested a back against a dense live wall and... Unexpectedly for himself on own skin felt that endures a louse when it is pressed a nail to the old newspaper outspread on a table. Until that fatal click. When you are still full of illusions, and fondly believe that still ahead and suddenly - silk! Someone another, insignificant and helpless, continues counting of the following link in an infinite chain of senseless regenerations. He with captation looked in eyes of the boys who surrounded it, looking for supports at schoolmates.

- Show, do not detain turn! - it was heard from everywhere.

Billey heaved a deep sigh and obediently lowered a little trousers, showing all that at it there .

- I don`t think! - the spindle-legs - the favourite gave a whistle.

- Poor how you with it live - that? - right there someone from the sympathized.

Bills, slightly breathing, mowed glazonk down.

Its, already insignificant sizes advantage, was entirely pressed inside, having left the wrinkled skin butonchik on a general ridicule.

- And well, get out! - the boy burst out crying.

And painfully hit itself there where it is not necessary to beat. Well, under no circumstances does not follow.

- I personally always similar suspected something of it, - he heard a voice of one of the most beautiful girls at school.

- Nothing is surprising. And it looks precisely the humanoid, - schoolmates zashushukatsya. - It is necessary! Also talks to a penis!

- Get out to whom speak! Stop dishonoring me! - writhed in Billey`s hysterics, trying to muffle the new nickname.

A nickname which will tightly be pasted to it. Forever.

Even many years later.

The clerk in legal office.

Will detain on it a look.

Over points.

Will crackle well-cared fingers. Also will ask again:

- Khm Forgive, you told, - here it will sustain the theatrical pause which is well rehearsed on corporate trainings. - If I am not mistaken, you told Scanty and soft ?

- Yes.

- Khm - khm - khm I hope, it is not a joke? You actually intend to register firm under such name?

- Yes.

- My God! - the clerk will exclaim, having spat on corporate ethics. - Really, you seriously believe that you can achieve something in life? You in general realize that it sounds at least provocatively?

- Yes, - he will passionlessly answer.

- Your Business, - the clerk, &ndash will hem; only then do not complain, allegedly I did not warn you.

He once again appraisingly will look down on the unlucky client and, on - sadistically savouring each letter, will remove on the official form. In the column Company name . Following verbal design:


Author: Evgeny Pavlov