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What bird dishes can be prepared in the microwave oven?

What can be prepared in the microwave oven? Of course, all love bird dishes!

A fried chicken

1 chicken (1,2 - 1,5 kg) cut on portion pieces, 1 glass of sauce for a shish kebab.

to Arrange pieces on a round dish thin part is closer to the middle. To cover with a wax paper. To prepare 4,5 minutes at the maximum power, to merge juice and to turn pieces. To fill in with a half of sauce and open to put in the furnace (max) for 6 - 8 minutes. To turn, fill in with the second half of sauce and to put in the furnace for 5 - 8 minutes (max). Before giving a dish to leave closed for 5 minutes.

Chicken ham

of 500 g of ham (2 pieces) 1 Art. of beds. rast. oils, salt, pepper, spices. Pieces of chicken to rub

with oil, to put in a form, to pin a thin skin in several places. To fry 12 minutes at 100% and the included grill before receiving a crust.

The chicken baked in parchment

1 chicken (to 1 kg); garlic; ground black pepper; salt. the Prepared chicken to rub

with salt, pepper and garlic. To wrap chicken in parchment and to prepare 22 - 25 minutes at 100%.

Chicken with a tarragon

1 small bulb; 15 g of oil; 150 ml of chicken broth; 10 ml of mustard in grains; 60 ml of double cream; 30 g of the cut fresh tarragon; salt; pepper; 2 fillets of chicken breast; 50 g of cornmeal; roasted almonds. Clear

and cut onions and put in heat resisting ware, rather big that to lay chicken breasts in one layer on it. Add oil, cover with a cover and prepare within 3 minutes at 100% until onions become soft. Add broth and prepare within 1 minute at 100% until it begins to boil. Mix mustard, cream, a tarragon, salt and pepper. Put pieces of chicken, having dunked them into sauce. Warm up within 1 minute at 100% until sauce begins to boil. Cover with a cover and prepare at the level of 70%, having once turned pieces of chicken, within 9 - 10 minutes to readiness. Lay out chicken on the warmed-up plates. Mix cornmeal with a small amount of water and stir until mix becomes uniform, then add to sauce. Prepare within 1 minutes at 100%, will not begin to boil yet. Well mix and sauce chicken.

A chicken in the crackling cover the Chicken is powerful

near - 0,5 kg, breadcrumbs - 1/2 glass, grated cheese - 2 tablespoons, oil - 1/4 glass, 2 the shaken-up eggs, garlic - 2 zubk, chopped greens of parsley - 2 h a spoon, salt - 1/2 h a spoon. to Prepare for

mix for a covering, having taken the shaken-up eggs and having mixed them from 1/2 glass of oil. To kindle oil within 1 minute. At the same time to prepare mix for formation of a crust, having mixed breadcrumbs, grated cheese, chopped greens of parsley, pounded garlic and salt. To divide a chicken into 2 pieces on 200 gr. To lower in egg mix, and then properly to roll in in crackers. To place halves on a dish so that fleshy parts were at the edges. To cover with a wax paper (it is possible just a plate). To prepare at full capacity 4 minutes. To turn pieces so that internal parts were appeared outside and to be brought to readiness within 4 minutes.

Chickens, stewed with mushrooms

2 chickens for 200 - 250, fresh mushrooms - 200 g, oil - 2 tablespoons, sour cream - 100 g, salt and pepper to taste.

of the Carcass of chickens carefully to wash up, to get wet with a towel to clean water and to split into portion pieces. To lay in ware, to add oil and to prepare 5 - 8 minutes at full capacity. Mushrooms (white, champignons) carefully to wash up, slice, lay in other ware and to fill in with water, so that it only covered mushrooms. To salt and prepare 5 - 6 minutes at full capacity. Then to add mushrooms together with sauce to chickens, to cover and prepare at full capacity of 6 - 7 minutes. Then to add sour cream and to bring to readiness at 50% of power within 4 - 5 minutes.

A chicken, stewed in a sherry

1 chicken; 100 g of bacon; 1 big bulb; 80 ml of a sherry; 1 tablespoon of soy sauce; 1 tablespoon of lemon juice; 1 tablespoon of wheat flour; salt; pepper. Portion pieces of meat to lay

on a round dish upper cuts to the middle. To salt, the pepper which is thinly cut by onions and pieces of bacon. To fill in with mix of wine, sauce and juice and to cover with a wax paper. To put in the furnace for 5 - 8 minutes at 100%, to overturn, fry 10 more minutes. To leave closed for 5 minutes before giving on a table.

Boiled chicken legs in the crackling breading

of 75 g of the crackling salty cookies; 30 g of grated parmesan; 5 g of pepper; 1 egg white; salt pinch; 4 big chicken legs, with a gross weight of 450 - 550 g; 2 big tomatoes; 1 small bulb; 5 ml of red wine vinegar; 15 ml of olive oil; several drops of the sweet Chile sauce; salt; pepper; 15 g of the crushed parsley greens.

Put cookies in the food processor or cutting and prepare a breading (or use a rolling pin). Add cheese, pepper and mix a little more. Pour out a little breading in a strong plastic (polyethylene) package. Beat egg white on flat ware a little. Dip one piece of chicken into protein, put in a package and shake that she became covered by a breading. Also bread the remained pieces of chicken. Lay out chicken on a lattice for frying, the thick ends to outer side. Prepare at 70% within 12 minutes until chicken is ready. Let`s stand within 5 minutes. At this time cut tomatoes in half, take out grains and largely cut pulp. Clean and cut onions. Put tomatoes and onions in ware and add the remained ingredients. Give with chicken.

Ragout from chicken

Chicken - 0,5 kg, carrots - 100 g, 1 onion, 1 turnip or a swede, 1 tomato, oil - 2 tablespoons, salt - 1/2 h a spoon, pepper, parsley greens, water - 1 glass. Chicken to cut

on pieces (on 50 - 70 g), to put in ware, to add oil and to prepare at full capacity 4 minutes. To cut carrots, onions, turnip (swede) pieces, to put on pieces of chicken, to add garlic, pepper, salt. To fill in with water. To cover and prepare at 50% of power of 6 minutes. To add greens and the tomato cut by circles, to bring to readiness at full capacity in 3 - 4 minutes.

Chicken with apples and cheese

Chicken - 0,9 - 1 kg, oil - 2 tablespoons, a tomato - 200 g, apples - 3 - 4 pieces, onions - 2 heads, water - 3 - 4 tablespoons, grated cheese - 3 - 4 tablespoons.

the Carcass of chicken to wash out, cut for the portion, to lay in ware, to add oil, to cover and prepare at full capacity of 6 - 8 minutes. To add a tomato - paste, water, the onions cut by rings, apples peeled of a peel and a core and cut with segments, grated cheese. To put in the furnace and to bring to readiness at full capacity within 8 minutes.

Chicken goulash with Bulgarian pepper

of 600 g of chicken breasts; 3 sweet pepper; 0,5 stalks of leek; 150 ml of chicken broth; 50 ml of white dry wine; 2 - 3 tablespoons of food starch; salt; pepper.

to Cut breasts of chicken and pepper with pieces, and leek - ringlets. To put chicken, pepper and leek in a bowl, to fill in with broth, to close a cover and to cook 13 - 14 minutes at 100%. To dissolve food starch in wine, to add to goulash and to cook 3 more minutes at 100%.

Cutlets chicken Pozharskiye

of 500 g of chicken fillet; 100 g of white bread; 1 tablespoon of butter; milk; salt. Meat to pass

via the meat grinder, to add the white loaf wetted in milk or cream without crust, to mix and to pass once again via the meat grinder. To put the softened oil, salt and it is good to mix. To form cutlets on 60 - 70 g, to put on a dish and to bake 8 - 10 minutes at 100% and the included grill.

Sharp burghers from chicken

Forcemeat from chicken - 600 g, small cut celery greens - 3 tablespoons, the crushed onions - 2 - 3 tablespoons, soy seasoning - 2 tablespoons, pounded garlic - 2 zubk, a dry tarragon - 1 teaspoon, ketchup - 4 tablespoons, cheese - 6 slices. Forcemeat from meat of chicken to mix

with the crushed celery greens, onions, garlic, a dry tarragon, to salt, add soy seasoning (ketchup). To divide the received weight into 4 flat cakes, to put on a dish and to prepare at full capacity 2 - 3 minutes. To put cheese slices on burgers, to water with ketchup, to cover with paper and to bring to readiness in 2 - 3 minutes (until cheese does not melt).

The stuffed chicken balls with sauce

4 chicken breasts without bones and skin; 1 segment of garlic; 100 g of grated cheddar; 25 g of fresh grain crumbs; 150 ml of cream; 4 pieces of bacon from a back without thin skin; 30 ml of tomato ketchup; piece of oil.

Fill a little flour in a strong plastic bag and add salt and pepper. Beat off meat, put chicken breast in a package and stir up to bread meat flour from all directions. Also prepare other pieces of chicken. Add small cut garlic, grain crumbs, a half of cream to cheese, well mix, divide into 4 parts and roll balls. On the beaten-off chicken breasts put balls, accurately curtail. Wrap up the turned-out rolls pieces of bacon and wind with a strong thread. Lay out in heat resisting ware, cover with a cover and prepare within 5 minutes. Turn meat balls, cover with a cover and prepare 5 more minutes to full readiness. Put chicken balls on the warmed-up plates. Sauce, prepared from the juice which remained after frying, ketchup and cream.

Pilaf with chicken

Chicken - 500 g, boiled rice - 3 glasses, onions - 1 head, oil - 2 tablespoons, a dried cherry plum without stones - 5 - 6 fruits, salt - 1 h a spoon. the Half of fat chicken to put

in ware, to fill in with the added some salt water, so to cover chicken and to prepare at full capacity of 8 - 10 minutes. To filter broth and to add the onions browned in oil to it (in separate ware) at full capacity 1,5 - 2 minutes, and several dried fruits of a cherry plum from which to remove stones. To cut chicken on portion pieces, to mix with boiled folding rice, to fill in with broth with vegetables, to cover and bring to readiness at 50% of power within 6 - 8 minutes.

A turkey stewed in marinade

of 700 g of fillet of a turkey; dried peel and juice of 1 lemon; 1 tablespoon of ground ginger; 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil; 2 tablespoons of soy sauce; 25 g of butter; 50 g of the peeled almonds; 1 big bulb; 1 pod of red sweet pepper; salt; pepper.

Not less than in 2 hours prior to preparation to cut some fillet of a turkey thin strips and to remove rigid muscles. In nonmetallic ware to mix a dried peel and juice of a lemon, ginger, 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil and soy sauce. To mix with the cut meat, to cover and put to the cool place (not in the refrigerator). To mix 1 - 2 time during this time. To kindle butter in a small dish (1 minute at 70%), to add the cut almonds, to prevent and prepare 2 minutes at 50%. To salt and pepper. To small cut onions and sweet pepper, to mix from the rest of vegetable oil and to extinguish in 2 - a liter pan 2 - 3 minutes to softness. A shovel to shift pieces of a turkey in a pan, to pour there in part of marinade. To extinguish 5 minutes to readiness, having mixed 1 - 2 time during this time. To add the remained marinade and to warm up at 50%. To warm almonds within 1 - 2 minutes. To give with hot rice, having strewed from above with almonds.

A duck with olives

the Duck - 1 - 1,2 kg, olives - 100 g, oil - 50 g, flour - 1 tablespoon, salt and pepper to taste.

to Put olives (olive) in cold water, to warm up in the furnace 2 - 3 minutes. Water to merge and allow to cool down. To warm part of oil in ware within 1 minute at full capacity, and then to put in it a duck, to cover and prepare at full capacity of 10 minutes. To mix the remained oil with flour and olives. To put in a duck and to prepare 6 - 8 more minutes.

Appetite pleasant to you!