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What needs to be known when cooking in the microwave oven?

In this article I would like to give useful tips about cooking in the microwave oven.

Reference temperature. the Frozen or cooled products demand more time for preparation, than products of room temperature. The preparation time specified in recipes does not extend to the frozen products. At preparation of the frozen products check their readiness after the minimum recommended preparation time.

Fat and bones. Streaks in meat or a thin grease layer accelerate preparation. Big areas of fat and the fat which is flowing down in a dish slow down preparation since absorb energy which could go for preparation of meat. The bones located in the center do not influence preparation speed, and the bones located with edge promote faster heating of meat around them.

Density. Depth of penetration of microwaves depends on product density. Friable products, minced steak or mashed potatoes, prepare in a microwave oven quicker, than dense products (a natural beefsteak or the whole potatoes).

Moisture content. Moisture promotes absorption of microwaves. Products with high content of moisture turn out in a microwave oven better, than dry. Add a little liquid, but be not overzealous. Remember that water slows down preparation. Pierce vegetables in a peel, such as potatoes or vegetable marrows that formed in couples could come to light.

Quantity. Time necessary for preparation of a product in a microwave oven, in direct ratio to its quantity. As the product itself absorbs energy, one piece of a chicken prepares quicker, than big chicken. If energy shares between a large number of products, preparation demands bigger time.

Size. Small pieces prepare quicker, than big. For saving of time cut meat on pieces less than 5 cm that microwaves reached the center of a piece from all directions. For uniform preparation try that pieces were the identical size.

Form. At preparation of products which usually happen irregular shape such as fish fillet or chops, more time is required for a prozharivaniye of thicker parts. Therefore put pieces thicker party to an outer edge of a dish where they will receive bigger amount of energy.

Whether radioactive materials radiate microwave ovens? we Will begin

with the fact that microwave radiation not radioactive. Though, certainly, superhigh-frequency (in English-speaking literature - microwave) radiation can be dangerous to the person. But in microwave ovens there is a certain system of protection: in - the first, the setochka - the screen, in - the second is applied on glass of a door, the skintight door does not pass a microwave. As in our country, and abroad, measure radiation degree in 5 cm from a furnace surface (matchbox about a distance). If at such distance the furnace not indicates radioactivity it is passed in sale. So if you bought the furnace with the certificate of safety, can be quiet - there is no danger of microwave radiation.

There is also an opinion that the food cooked in microwave ovens is harmful to the person .

Is unambiguous - no. All products prepared or warmed in the furnace are quite suitable for the use and are not hazardous to health. Besides the microwave oven has pluses: you save oil for frying and protect the health as the fried food contains carcinogens. But if you decided to buy or already bought the microwave oven of the Russian production, you should mean the following. Protection against microwave leak in the Russian furnaces is 5 times more rigid, than in import, but on other indicators the Russian furnaces leave much to be desired. So, they have no protection against emergency operation, so, there is a possibility of an overheat and ignition of the furnace. And here foreign models at an overheat or accident give a signal and are disconnected.

Why for the microwave oven - the furnace needs special ware? by

The matter is that the microwave oven - radiation does not get through metal, and it is reflected from it. Therefore if you put a metal frying pan with crude meat on it in the microwave oven - the furnace, then in this case meat can quite remain crude. If you use, for example, china with a metal ornament (for example, with gilding), a thin layer of metal, absorbing microwaves, strongly heats up, at the same time the ornament will be irrevocably spoiled. Therefore the porcelain or glass heat-resistant ware without the slightest traces of metal is necessary for the furnace for the microwave oven-.

What is the auto function - weight?

Two key parameters of preparation of any dish in the microwave oven - furnaces are a power and time of radiation. At the same time power is chosen depending on the mode (a defrosting, preparation or heating of a ready dish) and a type of a product (flour products, meat, a bird, fish, vegetables and so forth), and time - depending on product weight. Therefore in many microwave ovens - furnaces you need to gather only on the control panel a type of a product, its weight and a way of preparation (mode). For the furnaces equipped with the auto function - weight, it is not necessary to gain weight - electronic sensors will weigh a product and will choose a necessary preparation time.