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Where to find the interior designer? On ilConte. the modern person carries out by ru

In the house a considerable part of the life. Our dwelling is a shelter from vanity of the outside world, necessary for full existence, not without reason speak: My house - my fortress . And how this house outside and from within as far as in it it is comfortable and cozy looks, our moral and physical condition and quality of life in general depends.

in search of creative ideas

How to make the house such that it pleased with beauty and a cosiness, was convenient for life and rest? A difficult task, but quite feasible, and quickly and qualitatively - just do not puzzle over it, and trust in experts, experts! We invite you to glance on the website www. ilconte. ru which united more than 3000 designers - professionals of the most different directions. This website will be useful to all who do repair, selects to itself the interior designer, the architect or the landscape designer. Correctly picked up design will allow to organize inhabited space in such a way that everything will be filled with harmony, a cosiness and rest. there is no

- to templates and standards!

As a rule, interesting interior decisions disperse from those stereotypes that developed in our society decades, and it is still rather difficult to much to overcome them. And these outdated stereotypes very often can be the cause of discomfort in the house. But when we find forces to cross through them and we begin to understand that everything that the imagination prompts is possible - here then our dwelling easily changes and becomes both beautiful, and comfortable, and in own way unique.

On the website ilconte. ru can look at gallery of works of interior designers. Here more than 40 000 works - it are presented quite enough to satisfy the most pretentious taste. At the left on the page of gallery you will see tags, clicking which it is possible to look at samples of interiors of various rooms quickly. Everyone will find something suitable for itself(himself): both the romantic, and the emotional creative person, and the supporter of vanguard, and even, strangely enough, the conservative nature which did not get used to sharp changes. Be more courageous, more creative, dare to self-express - and the result will pleasantly surprise you. As you are unique and unique, let unique and not similar to others your house will become same.

Is chosen the designer

So if you decided to make the house such that it pleased with beauty, a cosiness, was convenient for life and rest - do not waste time. Skilled interior designers will listen to all your wishes and will help your dreams to be realized. The design of the house first of all has to reflect an inner world of the owner, fill his everyday life with a pacification and healthy power.

Having used search on the website, it is possible to choose as the designers who are in your city or the area, and any masters suitable you if you are ready to work far off. And it is possible to use search of the necessary works on which pages there is information on authors, their portfolio and a contact information. As you can see, everything is simplest, convenient, available!