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Sex and abstention of


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism

in - important

d - banal, for children

z - informative

and - interesting

to - winged

of l - best

of N - not important

p - instructive

with - difficult for understanding

yu - humour

Sex abstention harm advantage sexual intercourse to be engaged not to allow to postpone expectation to distract the desire restraint promotes to wait to hold helps to apply proximity of the relation to develop to achieve to bring up to suffer to constrain to train

pv Development of a sexual abstemiousness is promoted by growth of spirituality and morality.

pv the Person should not have sex at once after emergence of desire, and be able to constrain itself to conditions more favorable for this purpose.

and the Violent person is forced to have sex not with those who are pleasant, and with those who appear near at hand at present.

and Violent people - become corrupted.

pz Sexual abstention is well developed waiting for darling.

but Not long abstention from sex - is not harmful.

and Excessive preparation for sexual intercourse - can do much harm.

p to the Violent person is difficult to have the constant partner.

z Sexual abstention is better developed at those who have no initiative, and only answers the arising desire of the partner, being in expectation. p the Sexual abstemiousness allows to find

the best partner.

to the Sexual abstemiousness - fidelity grazes.

p not to do Without sexual abstemiousness in case of separation.

p in case of an illness of the spouse the sexual abstemiousness promotes performance of a debt on its leaving.

pv Sexually not the abstinent person cannot fully raise children and come to the rescue in time in their difficult situations.

and the Sexual abstemiousness - trains as muscles.

z At people unattractive usually sexual abstemiousness due to the compelled training is more.

and to Young beautiful women availability of men in development of a sexual abstemiousness - a hindrance.

z the Man due to vital training in sex is much more reserved than young women. Though women carefully hide it.

z Men by the nature as female heart hunters seem sexually less reserved.

z the Woman, being in a choice shadow, imperceptibly pulls out one of the admirers who are turned on light.

and General installation of telephones allowed to find the sexual partner, being run according to the list with the decreasing appeal in only a few minutes.

and the Young attractive woman is vulnerable sexual fieriness. pzv If one of partners after a long break finds

another in the sexual relations satisfied - it can lead to quarrel and a rupture of the relations.

z When is not possible to develop sexual abstention, and there is a desire to have the constant partner it is necessary to look for the patient person who will be able to be in continuous expectation.

z If is not possible to develop sexual restraint, having expediently studied an organism and listening to it to assume time when there occurs the sexual desire and to beforehand organize a meeting with the desired sexual partner. there is no

and sense is long to abstain from sex waiting for reciprocity from the idle partner. it is not obligatory to apply

and the Sexual abstemiousness - the main thing to own it.

pv Good help at weak sexual restraint is marriage, especially if the spouse is faithful and always wishes you.

z If needs of the partner less at fidelity preservation a sexual abstemiousness is developed not randomly.

z the Sexual abstemiousness is promoted by employment, problems, physical activities

z to Development of sexual restraint are promoted by identical periods between sexual intercourses

and Development of sexual restraint is promoted by pride.

and Development of sexual restraint are promoted by shame.

yu to Development of a sexual abstemiousness is promoted by a cold shower.

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