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Where to find spare airfield for any business? Whether I Could assume

once that to construct my children`s hobby from the designer the furniture for sestritsyny dolls will develop into an adult hobby and eventually will become occupation of all my life?

... Step by step, year after year... At first - work at furniture factory, experience accumulation, comprehension of subtleties and knowledge of craft. At the time of disintegration of the Soviet Union - search of and attempt to fit into conditions of market economy.

Thank God, I all - occupied the niche in furniture business. My own firm became independent, partners and regular customers appeared. We specialize generally in kitchens, and the class elite .

Bar counters and kitchen table-tops from an artificial stone - the ideal decision for creation of modern interiors. Perhaps, many understand it, but not everyone can afford. The pleasure it not from cheap, though is worth it to lay out for it the large sum - from 200 to 500 for 1 sq.m

our furniture is durable, practical, extraordinary beautiful and elegant. She not only perfectly serves owners and is pleasing to the eye, but also favourably emphasizes the status of the owner.

From all aforesaid we draw a conclusion - customers at such furniture not dime a dozen therefore we try to please everyone. But, here - trouble, echoes of crisis 2008 have still an effect. Wealthy people do not hurry to update the kitchens and to order expensive furniture, at least - in my firm. For certain still settle problems with the bank credits, debts of partners in business, and others, accompanying financial crisis, troubles.

Therefore since a half-year I undertook searches " ago; spare airfield . Money has to work and make more actively for me profit - I thought, and decided to attack madam Fortuna by other methods. I entrusted the free sum of money in management to traders of the Forex company - Trend .

The person I to the standard measures not poor therefore also the sum for investment could allocate rather large. On the website www. fx - trend. I opened for com the account and attached it to PAMM to the accounts of the most successful managing directors, thus diversifitsirovav (having shared) risks of losses.

I completely control the means and I can remove them any minute if trade of managing directors ceases suit me. Though, according to own development of the Forex company - Trend operating unlike former times, guarantee implementation of obligations by own capital now. PAMM 2 technology. 0 spreads risks between the investor and the managing director. Earlier the investor one bore risk in case of unsuccessful trade.

Moreover, I made the own Offer, having formulated those conditions of investment which are most favorable to me. Managing directors accepted my Offer, and Forex - Trend, in turn, provided performance of all its conditions.

Now I forgot that there are bank credits and deposits. My income in the market Forex many times is more than those percent which I could receive from the deposit. The got profit allowed me to invest money in development of my furniture firm and even to open branch in other city.

I am happy with all. - even you will not call investment work on Forex. The passive income, you do not make efforts, you do not spend time, to the place of work it is not attached, periodically you withdraw money and... you derive pleasure from all process. Thanks to investment on Forex I killed two hares at once: kept the firm and ensured additional financial independence.