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What the tourist needs to know about Turkey?

Turkey at our tourists first of all are associated with shop - rounds and huge the number of resorts and hotels.

Really, having visited this country, you are convinced of it for all hundred percent, but also will discover for yourself other Turkey - Turkey where it is possible not only to lie much on the beach, but also to visit a set of ancient places and medical resorts and consequently, and to restore health.

Turkey - the independent republic occupying the territory partially in Europe and partially in Asia which played an important role in world history as the bridge connecting the East and the West. The European Turkey known as east Thrace, is limited in the north to the Black Sea and Bulgaria, and in the West the Aegean Sea and Greece. From Asian Turkey (Anatoly or Asia Minor) this territory is separated by Bosphorus, the Sea of Marmara and the Dardanelless Strait. Anatoly it is washed by the Black Sea in the north; in the east borders on Georgia, Armenia and Iran; in the south - with Iraq, Syria and the Mediterranean Sea; and in the West - it is washed by waters of the Aegean Sea.

The main recreational resources of Turkey are on the Mediterranean Sea. Here such resort centers as Kemer, Cyd, Antalya, the Baby seal are located.

One of the most known medical resorts of Turkey is Pamukkale. This town is in the suburb of Antalya. Coming here, it is necessary to take to bathe bathing accessories as here you have an opportunity the whole day in medicinal mineral water and by that, to restore the health. Excursion lasts the whole day and is offered by the guide at stay in hotel.

Today in Turkey you will also be able to see pioneer settlement ruins in the world. Best of all the ancient cities, for example, the Hilt, Pergamum, Miletus and the legendary city of Troy remained. Almost everywhere, where you went to territories Asia Minor you will get to one of the most ancient places of the world which are described even in the Bible: it and Virgin Mary`s house, seven churches of Revelation, St. John`s basil, Saint Pavel`s prison, Saint Nicholas`s grave.

Fans of adventures can safely go to Turkey too. Here you receive the mass of unforgettable impressions, having driven on jeeps - a safari, having plunged into the underwater world of the Mediterranean Sea and having swept on kayaks on the mountain river. Besides, in hotels there are such services as a water parachute, water bikes that will give you not less pleasure.

Now we will return to the subject shop - rounds and purchases. In Turkey it is possible to buy everything therefore, having prepared for travel, do not forget to take with yourself one more suitcase in order that was where to put the bought things. Though suitcases as well as jersey, jeans, gold, skin, it is possible to buy on the place. In the territory of hotel usually there are small shopping centers offering generally skin and jersey. But the prices here 10 times more and to bargain with sellers is almost unreal. And it is necessary to bargain in Turkey always. During the high season the prices are always overstated there therefore 20% of the price can be rejected safely.

After arrival to Turkey guides offer you trips to the skin and jeweler centers (the largest of them are in Cyd and Antalya), there both the choice is more and the prices are lower. If you have a desire, then surely agree to such trips, it is even easier to dump the price in such centers.

Before many tourists before going to Turkey there is a question: What hotel to choose? . I assure you, with it there are no problems.

Generally people choose five resort centers: Antalya, Kemer, Baby seal, Cyd, Alania. In Antalya there are most respectable hotels of Turkey: Kremlin, Porto Bella, Titanic, but all - in them is an essential shortcoming: they are in rather big city and you will not manage to breathe fresh air in any way there. And here Cyd, Alania, the Baby seal, Kemer - quite suitable cities. In the White hare there are very good hotels too, but there, as well as in Alania and in Cyd, the desert, is not present vegetation, only in the territory of hotel there. And here in Kemer, there on the contrary. Environment abounds with various vegetation.

And now about hotel. Leaving to Turkey if you are allowed by means, choose hotel not lower than 4 *! Therefore as even in some 3 * - hotels there are no necessary things in Turkey: the conditioner, the TV, plank beds on the beach.

Rest pleasant to you!