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How to choose wedding rings?

Wedding rings already throughout centuries are a symbol of love and fidelity. In the majority of the countries rush on a ring finger of the left hand, at us - by the tradition entered by orthodox church - on the right hand.

Custom to put on a ring a ring finger remained since the time of ancient Romans who believed that they exactly in this finger are so-called vena amoris ( love vein ) who goes straight to heart.

It was since ancient times moved that wedding rings are chosen and bought by the groom. But today young people usually together make visits of jewelry stores. And if earlier difficult " ornament; was a usual wide gold strip, now variety of the presented options of many puzzles.

The range is really wide: graceful thin wedding ringlets and massive with abundance of stones; simple classical and vanguard; smooth and elegantly turned; from white gold, yellow and red; platinum, silver and combined.

On what to stop? And by what to be guided at the choice of so essential wedding attribute?

In - the first, the price is important.

It can vary from 1000 rubles for the simplest ring to several thousand dollars for exclusive option.

Should not save on a wedding ring, it will daily have to serve you for long years. by

But also to choose a ring by the principle the most expensive - the best too it does not make sense.

Having measured several options in a quiet situation, you will understand what will suit you! Can quite be that the ringlet, imperceptible on a show-window, which is quite accepted at the price will effectively look on your hand and will ideally emphasize your style.

In - the second, it is worth paying attention to build and a shape of fingers of the bride.

If you - the high and slender owner of long slender fingers, then a massive ring with large stones looks on you quite ridiculously, give preference to the narrow graceful ringlet decorated with small pebbles.

For girls kustodiyevsky type with chubby fingers, on the contrary, the large wide ring will be quite pertinent.

In - the third, it is metal.

to the Most expensive, and also one of the purest is considered platinum, however platinum rings not all on a pocket.

The classical option is rings from red gold.

If in everyday life you prefer silver jewelry, then it is worth thinking of a ring from white gold which will be harmoniously combined with silver.

Do not forget to pay attention to test on ring inside which will prompt percentage of precious metal in an alloy.

the highest test of gold is considered 958. Also jewelry 750, 585, 500, 375 of tests meets.

B - the fourth, decide on design.

It can be both a simple smooth ring, and corrugated of an unusual form; with one or several stones or at all without it. The choice depends only on you.

But here if all of you stopped on a ringlet with a stone, then check whether this stone suits you. One of ancient reliable ways is as follows: put a ring on a palm of the right hand, and bring closer the left hand to a stone and take so some time. If you feel heat, a pacification, convenience, can safely get this ring. And here if seems to you that from it blows as cold, and at heart it becomes disturbing, so it is not your stone.

Also it is not necessary to buy a wedding ring with a dark stone.

And here what stone to choose, will prompt national signs:

- a symbol of loneliness,

the Cornelian - brings to Amethyst happiness and tranquility,

Agate - promises longevity and good health,

of Grenades and Topaz - will be guarantee of fidelity,

Rubin - the Emerald promises passionate love,

- represents happy love,

Well, and the ringlet with diamond will bring to his owner eternal love!

However, it is only signs!! Though, in prewedding days all of us become a little superstitious!

You can also make an engraving on rings, for example, to immortalize date memorable to both of you or names of each other.

If you were already defined, then nevertheless do not hurry to run to cash desk. Put on and remove a ring several times. Remember that in the summer fingers swell a little!

do not forget to take an interest in opinion of your soulmate also.

If you have with the groom different tastes, then at all it is optional to renounce the principles and to choose absolutely identical rings.

of the Man, as a rule, favor classical options. And if you want something special and non-standard, then why not to emphasize the identity and not to choose that to liking to you?!

And, at last, buying rings, do not forget to whisper: On kind life, on a right family. Amen .

Council to you yes love!