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Victoria Raykher. Whether it is difficult to be the psychologist?

As soon as you decided to become the adult psychologist, put on an air of mystery. Answer silly questions, the " type as little as possible; and where you studied or and that you are able . Let people around know what is unimportant where to study and what to be able, important to be the telepathist and to know everything about surrounding people. Psychologists, certainly, all are able to read mind and perfectly know what your problems consist in. And yours. And yours too. The psychologist declaring I am not able to read mind - charlatan. The psychologist reading at you in the head some thoughts unfamiliar to you - the genius. He just reads that mind which you did not manage to think yet. After he about them told you, you them thought, huh?-.

Now about patients. It is the best of all to accept patients in the mornings. The person slept worse, the at him protective mechanisms are weaker. Protective mechanisms - the first enemy of the psychologist, any psychologist will explain it to you. In - the first, they can work ahead of time and at all not allow the person to ask for the qualified psychological assistance. In - the second, they throughout all psychological work will disturb you. Therefore it is necessary to point to them immediately if the patient does not agree with something. You, for example, speak to it - it is at you secret defects! And it to you - yes a nifiga! And you to it - and it at you protective mechanisms! Everything, one - zero. Let goes home and digests.

Psychologists have some methods. As a matter of fact, their of everything three: paraphrases, diagnosis and council. There are still a silence and a kivaniye. Silence is when the patient speaks, and you listen. It gives to the patient feeling that he is important and interesting to you. Silence makes about ninety percent from your work therefore it is desirable to learn to be silent with a clever look. It is bad if the psychologist yawns, hiccups or reads the newspaper. It is better to tap with fingers on a table or to fan. Kivaniye is when the patient speaks, and you nod. It gives to the patient feeling that you agree with it. It is necessary to nod often, but it is careful because if to be forgotten and begin to nod too strongly, will seem to the patient that you leave the head.

Paraphrases is when you say to the patient what he just told you. Psychologists with an experience are able to repeat told absolutely in other words, so, that it sounds absolutely new. For example, speak to them - I feel desire to give somebody on a muzzle and they answer you feel need to use physical force . Or they are told: to me badly every time when I am abused and they in reply - to you not on temper to hear criticism in the address . The patient learns a lot of new and rejoices. The psychologist does not strain and rejoices too.

But similar aerobatics is optional. It is enough to change intonation of the phrase or just to tell it several times. The sense a paraphrase is that the patient has an opportunity to hear and estimate himself from outside.

For example.

- I am afraid to go to work in the mornings, - the patient says to you.

- you are afraid to go in the morning to work, - you say to the patient. - You are afraid to go to work in the mornings. And, clear. You are afraid to go to work in the mornings. All are happy with


Additional function a paraphrase - granting an opportunity to the patient to agree with you. It is pleasant and creates useful feeling of joint activity.

For example.

- it seems to me, I do not love the husband, - the woman says to you.

- it seems to you that you do not love the husband, - you say to the woman.

- Quite so! - the woman agrees.


And what to do if the woman all are did not agree? Immediately issue the phrase about protective mechanisms.

- it seems to me that I do not love the husband.

- it seems to you that you do not love the husband. there is no

- well not that I would not love... I generally am not sure yet...

- And it at you protective mechanisms.

The diagnosis is when all is already clear to you, and the numskull still something does not understand this. The knowing psychologist, certainly, understands about you all directly while you for the first time stepped over a threshold of its office. It is a little diagnoses and all of them are extremely simple.

Homosexuality is when the patient has problems with the father.

of Geteroseksualnost is when the patient has problems with mother.

Bisexuality is when the patient has problems with both.

There are still hysterics, neurotics and schizos. Hysterics are those who constantly have not enough. Schizos are those to whom it is constantly close. Neurotics - all this the others.

In general, all this. Still well the phrase " works; well you want, you in the nedolyubila childhood . Remember. In the childhood of a nedolyubila of all. If it seems to someone that specifically it was dolyubit, it at it protective mechanisms.

The most valuable weapon of the psychologist is council. Councils it is necessary to give as much as possible, it is desirable before you about it are asked (it gives a guarantee that advice will not be given too late). If the girl of twenty eight years with the complaint that she is still a virgin addresses you, immediately advise it to begin to lead sex life. It is desirable to add surely urgently and even without thinking . Even without thinking - in general a good turn for the psychologist, it stimulates cerebration of the patient and neutralizes his minimum for half an hour. If to you the person of fifty years came and him is unmarried, let marry rather. If the woman of any age has no children, advise her to bring the child. Even without thinking and. All problems of women without children are connected with the fact that they have no children. All problems of women which have children are connected with children. Women have no other problems and cannot be.

About the relations in a family. If to you couple with the problems came, immediately advise it to get divorced. Any couple wants from you the solution of the problems. Divorce is the universal solution of all problems in couple. You do not trust? Check.

- The wife demands from me too much.

- you Get divorced. Then she will not demand from you anything at all.

- The husband changes me.

- you Get divorced. Then the relations of your husband with other women will not be change to you any more.

- It is boring for us together.

- you Get divorced. It will be cheerful.

- We have different interests.

- you Get divorced. What here in general to speak about.

- We have no sex any more.

- you Get divorced. If people have no sex, they have nothing to do together.

- The wife irritates me.

- Get divorced! Also you leave from here until your wife began to irritate also me.

If couple wants to remain together, denying the offered version of the solution of problems, let go home, they have no problems.

You can tell those who comes with stories how there is a lot of at them novels nothing in general. For the minimum maintenance of dialogue remember two phrases: the more the better and well you give . It has to be enough. Similar talk can take a lot of time, but after them it is very easy to work with those who have only one partner. Because you will already not understand what people can have problems at all if their not three.

At the end of each psychological session it is useful to remind the patient of how you well understand it. Just tell it: you see how I well understand you . After he agreed (and as to it not to agree if you so well understand it), release him to the following time.

And next time we will cover basics of work of the dentist and surgeon. It is interesting to any person to know how dentists and surgeons work. Especially as and in their specialties there is nothing difficult - and to us it will be flatter to find. You see how I well understand all of you. Who told is not present ? It at you protective mechanisms.