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What mistakes are made by creators of the commercial websites?

Recently, looking through the first commercial pass - the websites of many beginners, you notice the same mistake which they make only from - for misunderstandings of the SENSE of some copywriter receptions and the technician.

Reflect! How the webmaster who wants at once from the first advertizing text of instant miracles thinks?

Correctly! The webmaster thinks that the FACT of use of any component, applications of any reception or equipment has to increase efficiency of the website instantly.

Though actually key moment consists absolutely in another.

It consists in that HOW EXACTLY you apply any reception or equipment on the website whether your approach in your case is adequate or is not present!

I will give several examples Many webmasters think that the fact of presence of a virtual cover of goods on the commercial website is already guarantee of increase in result.

Naturally, nobody argues, existence of eCover - a cover increases presentableness of any digital goods and can promote increase in its sales.

However this increase in sales will happen only if eCover - a cover looks suitably, that is is executed qualitatively and professionally! If carpet looks it is not realistic, it is on the contrary capable to frighten off instantly the client

the Same can be told also about other things For example, sales are promoted by not the fact of presence of reviews of your goods on your website, and that WHAT these responses in itself!

Look response: It is lethal piece! I go bananas from it! Bring down Tralee it is capable to descend in the opinion of visitors for lime and to frighten off them. With other party, look response: By means of this information I increased sales of the website by 32%! it is capable to double conversion of the advertizing offer at least

you Understand in what business here? APPROACH which you use is important, HOW EXACTLY you apply certain techniques and counters in the advertizing texts!

Besides, is promoted growth of subscriptions to your mailing by not the fact presence popap - windows on yours a web - the page, and that AS this popap is issued as it is executed! Any at once prishlyopnt popap which does not contain the attracting thematic heading and is loaded the whole eternity Correctly?

My council is very simple! In everything adhere to common sense! Estimate that, HOW EXACTLY you apply each component in own practice. Whether each applied thing is capable to promote increase in effect in your concrete case?

I see tens of examples of how people fill up the advertizing offers with mountains of absolutely unnecessary, not thematic bonuses which do not fit into an overall picture IN ANY WAY, thinking that the FACT of existence of bonuses already increases productivity of their website

Though actually all on the contrary! It forces the visitor to close instantly a browser window

Ya saw several examples of how people use audio - introductions on the website which sound frankly poorly, contain or empty lies in the form of abrupt zayav, or sound so monotonously and quietly that the message cannot be understood in general! And the people think that the FACT of existence of audio certainly promotes notable progress Is not present

, brothers, the FACT of presence of a certain gadget gives nothing yet! The result is yielded by your APPROACH to HOW you use a certain thing whether it is sensible you do!

Add everyone extra charge in your text objectively, being guided by sensible mind, but not in a rush of sheer enthusiasm. Here then the level of your sales really will go uphill!