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How to relax neck muscles?

Scientists agree in opinion that full relaxation of any group of muscles is possible only in the conditions of a full relaxation as the close interrelation between reason and a body conducts to the fact that only mental relaxation can lead to physical, muscular relaxation.

Regular sessions of a relaxation will help to understand better the body, to feel it and to operate muscular tension. For completeness of effect and fast results it is desirable for equipment of a relax to pay attention daily, it gives permanent decrease in intellectual and muscular overloads, trains resistance of an organism to stressful situations, considerably improves the general health.

It is necessary to hold relaxation sessions in the quiet room, in the absence of bright light and at rest.

Having accepted a convenient pose, for additional relaxation of muscles of a neck the head needs to be turned on one side. It is better to practice equipment of a relaxation in a prone position in free clothes.

To relax neck muscles, they at first need to be strained for 15 seconds, then to release and, having felt a difference, to record feelings.

For relaxation of muscles of a neck also the breathing exercise which can be carried out several times during the working day helps. In a sitting position, having leaned back in a chair, we deeply inhale a nose and then with a force it is exhaled, we hold the breath for several seconds and again we repeat all cycle. After several such breaths - exhalations it is necessary just to sit blindly, having concentrated on feeling of tranquility, slackness and serenity.

If the muscular spasm in a neck is felt, then several exercises - roundabouts shoulders forward and back, lifting and lowering of shoulders, slow turns by the head here and there, inclinations the head have to precede relaxation of muscles to the right and to the left.

To feel the place where neck muscles are blocked, it is necessary to move the head up in the beginning - down, and then with effort to press a chin to a breast. After that to lean back in a chair, to turn the head on one side and to relax gradually.

To relax neck muscles, it is possible to precede relaxation sessions by several exercises on resistance.

To raise hands at the level of the head and to link in the lock. Hanging the head forward, overcome resistance of muscles of a neck by means of hands. Then execute exercise in the changed look: hang the head forward and raise it, showing resistance the hands linked on a nape. After 3 - 4 repetitions relax neck muscles.

Incline the head forward, feel its weight, having relaxed neck muscles; cast away the head at first to the right, then to the left, every time fading for some time and trying to obtain full relaxation of muscles. For bigger effect it is possible to repeat about himself auto-training installation: Muscles of a neck are relaxed .

At last, most effective it is possible to achieve relaxation of muscles of a neck by means of massage of a neck and a vorotnikovy zone. The professional massage therapist not only will remove blocks and spasms of muscles, but also will define around what vertebra there are problems.

Regular sessions of massage in combination with equipment of a house relax will allow to relax most effectively neck muscles, to remove a nerve and mental strain, constraint of movements, to restore normal food of fabrics of this area.

If on visit of the massage therapist there is no time, it is possible to get special masseurs. These devices are intended for house use and allow to carry out the weakening massage at any convenient time.

It is especially actual for busy persons who cannot allocate time for carrying out professional massage, but want to care fully for the health.