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What should be known before taking a blood test for the analysis on HIV?

Before making the decision, think of how you will treat result of the analysis.

If suddenly it turns out positive what you will do, knowing that it caught an illness incurable today? To whom will you tell about it? To the family, friends, sexual partner, colleagues? How, your way, they will react to it?

To whatever conclusion you came, you should find out all not clear questions from the health workers making this analysis previously. Similar procedure received the name pretest consultation . The consultant will help you to make the decision, to take a blood test on the analysis or not, in view of advantages and possible negative consequences of the analysis.

If the test was positive, think to whom to tell about it? As practice shows, it is necessary to report about it only to those people to whom you trust not to become object of prejudices and unhealthy interest from people around.

Make sure that on point where take a blood test on HIV, anonymity or confidentiality is guaranteed.

Practically for each person news that he is infected with HIV is a strong shock. In this situation it is necessary to address the person who can entrust the secret and to talk freely on any subject.

If among your acquaintances is the infected HIV or the person sick with AIDS, address it with the problems. It is desirable that this person to you was nice and ready to divide your grief. Only it is not necessary to stay at home and keep the fears in itself. As you have desire to share with somebody the experiences and doubts, do it.

Remember that HIV is not transmitted at household contact. Danger of infection is constituted only by contact with the infected blood and sexual intercourse.

If you are infected with HIV - practice safe sex which is reduced to that your partner did not contact to your sperm (if you are a man) or a vaginal secret (if you are a woman). You should not be a donor.

If you decided not to take a blood test on HIV - the test or your analysis negative, - you, nevertheless, it is necessary to practice safe sex.

Each person before the introduction in sexual relations has to think well of possible risk both for itself, and for the partner.

Safe sex has to become a sign of respect for the partner from your party.