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How to take a bath?

the name of this water procedure assume a certain solemnity of the moment: to take a bath - it, you see, even aurally absolutely not that to be rinsed under a shower ...

Not the princess... princess!

you never reflected why almost one and all women so like to luxuriate in a bathroom? For certain not only because it is just extremely useful for sincere and corporal health. Exactly here, in a bathroom, each of us can feel at least for a while well if not the goddess, then at least the queen.

It is clear, that we not only and not just known dairy - honey to no - Hau of the queen Cleopatra meant. To feel majesty or highness in soul, it is necessary to create the corresponding situation in a bathroom, but not to flop in water from a bay - a barakhta. What we will also make.

For a start we will muffle usual lighting or at all we will replace it with blinking of candles. It is possible to turn on the quiet music. Heroines of many overseas series about beautiful life begin the morning with acceptance of a bathtub. We it to do to you we do not advise - it is possible to become limp for all day, it is better to be limited to the invigorating shower in the morning nevertheless. And still we do not advise to take with ourselves in a bathtub the book or to stir at this time with the girlfriend by phone. In a condition of absolute rest and slackness - only this way it is necessary to plunge into a bathtub.

That skin became impregnated with various useful substances in a bathtub with additives better, it is quite good to make a peeling of all body before its acceptance. For example having used it here simple, but very effective recipe: a tablespoon of sea salt on a glass of cream. Apply this mix with roundabouts on skin, in a minute wash away warm water. Now it is possible to prepare a bathtub and to dive in it, different are necessary to

of the Bathtub... the bathtub invigorates with

Depending on the water temperature and additives which you use or works rasslablyayushche. Optimum temperature for a bathtub of 36 - 37 C. It is impossible to take hot baths (38 - 40 C) longer than ten minutes, it is big load of heart, water at the same time should not close area of heart. For certain you know well that it is not necessary to take baths daily - it is possible to overdry skin. It is better to do it not more often than time in 2 - 3 days.

Depending on what effect you try to reach, also additives which you will drip and pour to water will differ. For example, many grass bathtubs possess the calming action. Bathtubs with broths of mint, a lavender, eucalyptus, train calm and take off fatigue. If in the evening the important meeting to which it is necessary to arrive fresh and vigorous is necessary to you, take in the afternoon a heat bath with coniferous extract and several drops of eucalyptus oil. Only be not overzealous - minutes five, it is no more. As all-strengthening bathtubs with addition of broth from mix of a camomile, a nettle, a train, a burdock root work. And here salinas affect nervous system excitingly - do not accept them at bedtime.

For hour or so - on a flank

For greater therapeutic effect, taking a bath, slightly massage all body. After a bathtub rub cosmetic oil in even moist skin - so it will quicker be absorbed. Do not forget that aromatic oils cannot be applied on skin in pure form! Mix aromatic oil with deodorized vegetable in a proportion 3 - 4 drops of an aromamasl on the 3rd tablespoons of usual. Having taken a bath, muffle in a fluffy and cozy terry dressing gown and go - for hour or so on a flank to doze.

Turkish to boors will help also us

On many pilgrims - the Europeans traveling all over the world one and a half centuries ago the great impression was made by so-called hamama - the Turkish baths. About what walkers for three seas were not too lazy to leave enthusiastic comments in the traveling notes. Couple is a lot of and waters dissipated and flowed away since the glory of hamam flew about the whole world. And already visitors of the European resorts, large hotels are not surprised, having seen the Turkish bath in the list of the provided procedures and services.

The Turkish bath is under construction by the principle of a palm: five fingers, five rooms. In a waiting room with a temperature of 28 - 34 C the warming up begins. After a waiting room the bather passes from one room into another, feeling gradual temperature increase - in each subsequent room it is higher, than in previous, and reaches to 100 . In the middle of the imagined palm - the room with the warmed stone plank beds. On a hot stone lie, plentiful sweating does not begin yet. Now the bathhouse attendant - the massage therapist is accepted to your body. Having made excellent massage, he carefully pounds you a mitten from natural wool and soaps from head to foot. In end will generously pour over you cool water.

Ofuro: you will blossom as an Oriental cherry! Residents of the Land of the rising sun are sure by

that the best bath on light - ofuro. So from time immemorial the house Japanese bath is called. A public bath - sento, it is visited not so much to be washed and to communicate, have a rest. Ofuro represents the big wooden barrel (or the wooden basin) with a bench filled with water. The barrel is put on the furnace, and water is heated up to the temperature of 40 - 50 . Settle down in a flank so that the area of heart remained over water. Having boiled five - ten minutes in a flank, the parilshchik then pounds a body a rigid mitten. After the Japanese bath it is necessary to have a rest properly. Plentiful sweating still continues some time, and Japanese, having come out from ofuro, having wrapped in a sheet, lie hour on a couch.