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How to choose an inflatable boat for fishing, hunting, tourism of

For the last 17 years there are a lot of admirers of fishing and active recreation on water got inflatable boats in LLC Whaleboat. Ufa Boat Manufactory . During operation these boats deserved an appreciation of the owners. Thanks to their recommendations, inflatable boats of LLC Whaleboat. Ufa Boat Manufactory won the worthy place in the market vodno - motor equipment and gained distribution not only in the territory of Bashkortostan, but also beyond its limits.

Today LLC Whaleboat. Ufa Boat Manufactory lets out series of inflatable boats: VUD Good luck Cane and EBPA and all from them, except the last a set of versions have. Technically distinctions of modifications in the weight, loading capacity, the passenger - capacity, the power of the suspended motor. From all row the smallest motor boat The Cane 3200 pass ideal for maneuvers on the small small river or swimmings on the lake, has the weight of 25 kg with a loading capacity of 300 kg, and the biggest EBPA 3500 safe for distant navigation, respectively 34 kg and 500 kg. Among there are models allowing gliding them fans of driving " choose; with a breeze and models for the movement at low speeds.

All motorized vessels of LLC Whaleboat. Ufa Boat Manufactory these are in fact inflatable boats under the motor: all at them at a design have a suspended or stationary tranets (fastening for the suspended motor). Besides the technical advantages in comparison with vessels on the basis of a rigid framework these boats possess a number of advantages from which main thing - the universality which is expressed in compactness and easy transportation, and also in a possibility of tuning.

All inflatable boats are made of high-quality material - strong multilayered by PVC - fabrics with the innovative additives allowing to prevent rotting, destructive influence of salty water, oil products and ultra-violet radiation. The same firmness concerning the listed destructive factors also wooden details of boats thanks to unique technology of processing possess.

Thanks to above-mentioned advantages inflatable boats from PVC of production of LLC Whaleboat. Ufa Boat Manufactory are reliable, fast and comfortable and are equally highly appreciated both by thrill-seekers of rigid boating, and simple fans of pleasant sorties on the nature.