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What hours to choose: on a thong or a bracelet?

how to choose hours, are written many articles and various books. Today we want to talk about very entertaining criterion of the choice which many, often, do not perceive seriously of

Getting a women watch, we consider several parameters. But admiring the last novelties of fashion and eminent brands, we do not even think of such our satellites interim assistants as thong and bracelet.

Today the hour companies represent such variety of models what to become puzzled quite easily! And if earlier in use there were generally classical materials, then now for hour thongs and bracelets choose the most original and unexpected decisions. It is possible to meet thongs rubber, textile, silicone, from various types of skin, combined - the word, for every taste and color! Not to mention various bracelets which do even of pearls.

Never reflected why people began to wear watch on a wrist?! We will find the answer, of course, in the history. At the beginning of the 20th century people reluctantly supported idea to wear watch on a hand, including it impractical. Far more reliably and more respectably was considered to keep expensive watch in a pocket of a vest or a frock coat.

Scientifically - technical progress forced to look in a new way for hours. People began to use bicycles, cars, airplanes and quickly understood that at management of these technical innovations it is difficult to use a pocket watch, and at times and it is just impossible. And here to wear watch on a wrist in these cases it was quite practical.

The first watch was supplied with special thongs - chains. In 1927 thanks to masters of Hermes Fashion house the leather thong entered fashion. So the world of hours forever in a debt to the world of fashion.

Modern producers offer every season us something new and unusual. And your choice depends only on your preferences!

The way of life and, of course, your profession play an important role. If you the representative of a creative profession, then suit you rather hours on a bracelet. And the more original it, the better. Pay attention to appearance first of all, and the unusual bracelet will tell about your non-standard approach and refined taste.

Quieter design and bright colors of bracelets are actual for free Friday and also any image in casual style. By the way, in the latter case also models on a thong are actual, only let the design of hours will be expressive.

Hours under a " suit; can be on a leather thong or on a metal bracelet with various inserts. Here the choice remains only for you. But say that the bracelet is chosen by persons self-assured, strong and strong-willed. And, of course, all understand that color of a thong of hours has to coincide with color of other accessories (a belt, boots, a portfolio). This rule is rigidly regulated for men, but women can vary color of a thong depending on tone of clothes.

Graceful bracelets with diamonds or any other, even non-noble stones are ideal for issue . Game of stones and their modulations adjust on playful mood. And without saying it that such hours will not remain unnoticed on your wrist.

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