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How to format a flash card that it long served?

Probably, each of us who uses stores of memory of the SD/SDHC/SDXC formats faced a case when the store of memory refused to be defined in system or gives an error message in attempt to record data with the carrier. Very unpleasant situation, especially if to consider the fact that on this carrier to be information, important for you. But what to do? It is necessary to live further and the working USB stick is necessary for us!

Having considerable experience from a different look as devices, I with all can tell confidence that the durable and qualitative goods are made by the Japanese producers. Their goods appreciate the whole world. But not only to technician I offer us Japanese, but also very useful utilities which are necessary during the work with equipment.

So, I want to present to your attention the software product of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co Ltd firm (Panasonic), useful and essential for us: SDFormatter

of SDFormatter - the application created for users of SD/SDHC/SDXC memory cards. It formats a SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card, using the formatting method conforming to the SD Memory Card Specification standards.

SDformatter offers you fast and easy access to the SD/SDHC/SDXC cards. In general, the file systems formatted by an operating system do not correspond to SD Memory Card Specification. The producer of this utility assures us that using this program we significantly will secure work with the card and we will prolong the term of its service. It reduces quantity bugs connected with record and rewriting of data on memory cards of the SD/SDHC/SDXC format.

Notes on use of the SD formatter program:

- do not format other types of cards. If all of you made it, again format the card by means of the necessary software.

- do not take out the SD/SDHC card during formatting from the device.

- While you begin formatting, all data are erased.

- do not format the SD/SDHC card when record from protection is included.

- If the program does not distinguish the SD/SDHC card, insert it anew and press To Update ( Refresh ) .

- the Program does not work with data which are protected from copying.

- In certain cases the SD/SDHC card is identified not at once. In that case reboot system.

- If you use the USB cable and a card is not, try to reconnect a cable anew.

Version of the program: 3. 0

file Size: 1. 43 MB

License: free

Interface: English (it is clear for Russians)

the Developer: Matsushita Electric Industrial Co Ltd

Website: panasonic. net

Operating systems:

For card SD/SDHC:

of Windows 7

Windows Vista

Windows XP

For the SDXC card:

of Windows 7

Windows Vista (or above) to

of the Windows XP (SP2 or later version) with exFAT KB955704

ExFAT updating of file system is available to SP1 in the center of loading Microsoft. com

Note: for SDXC of memory cards installation of the SDXC driver can be required.

Support of SDXC for Windows 7

32 - the digit version: Updating

64 OS - the digit version is required: The OS

updating Support of SDXC for Windows Vista

32 - the bit version is required: Updating

64 OS - the bit version is required: The OS

updating That`s all is required that I wanted to tell you. Protect equipment and it will serve you long and regularly!