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How effectively to learn foreign words?

of Methods of storing of foreign words are a lot of. Someone writes out new words which he meets in the text, in a new notebook with the translation and a transcription then he repeats them many times about himself. Someone tries to remember word meanings, using associations. Someone just repeats words for the night before going to bed. Everyone chooses the method allowing to remember quickly new words. But, unfortunately, not all these methods work effectively.

Today I will tell about one method which will allow you quickly and to effectively remember new words if not for the rest of life, then for long time. All of us met that, clearing up for itself new words, over time we forget them. Sometimes we forget them next day, sometimes in a week. We spend time for their learning, but new words do not want to climb in the head . As a result efficiency of our training falls, and the lexicon extends with great difficulty.

The method of storing of words of which it will be a question below is used on English language courses in Moscow English as a second language . The essence of a method is that we begin to use new words which we want to learn in practice at once. I am sure that the majority of you, even those who did not study English will be able to tell in English: What is your name? (What is your name?) . Why the person can tell what he did not cram? The matter is that you so many time heard this phrase or said that you could understand its without learning .

We will pass to the method. It consists from 3 - x parts. Present that you read the text and saw the word which you do not know. For effective and long-term storing of this word you should take the following steps:

1) On this step you should find that value in the dictionary this word which is used in this context. Why in this context? The matter is that many English words have many values. Having tried to learn all values for once, you, most likely, will drown in the sea of information. Therefore it is the best of all to clear up in the beginning those word meanings in which you met him in the text / in conversation.

2) After you found the necessary word meaning and understood it, you should fix this word in practice . For this purpose you should make in writing offers with use of this word. How many offers? I advise you to make from 5 to 7 offers. Is possible more. An important point is that offers have to be very simple. Sense of drawing up offers - to learn to use the word in practice.

3) A final step is drawing up offers with this new word in an oral form. At this stage besides repeated fixing of the new word in practice you train him a pronunciation. Besides I advise you to make from 5 to 7 offers. I will repeat that these offers have to be simple and short.

Can seem to you that it will take you a lot of time, but on itself business it not so. Drawing up 5 offers in oral and written forms will take you only a minutes 3 - 4, but result you will see very long time. It is much more effective, than to learn words for the night, and in two weeks to forget them. We with you are ready for expansion of the lexicon.

Why this method really allows to remember words for very long time? The matter is that the person is arranged in such a way that if he does not understand something, then he cannot use this information in practice and just forgets it. To learn by heart - does not mean to understand. Having understood something, the person without effort will be able to use the gained knowledge and, respectively, will remember them long time.

Thanks to this method during training in English for one occupation students of the course ESL without effort and without cramming enrich the lexicon on 40 and more words.

Try to use this method, and you will see its efficiency.

Everyone to learn colloquial English we invite to a free lesson of English.