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Myths of the latest time. Why we so love terrifying stories? At all times the mankind conducted by fear and curiosity incognizable desperately sought to learn

. The impossibility of performance of this task put in its condition with interest was compensated by a flight of fancy, intuitive guesses and mystical enlightenments. So there was a formation of myths - the universal remedy of code conversion of the world giving the answer to any question by means of ambiguous symbols. And together with it and works of art which these myths fixed.

The Mysticism is realism, feeling of realities, merge to realities - the famous Russian philosopher Nikolay Berdyaev told. You Know, here thunder-storms it is not heard at all therefore to be afraid it is uninteresting. I will better go and again I will be afraid on an attic - the kitten by the name of Gav noticed.

In two of these quotes the sacral sense of all terrifying stories and city legends easily finds room. Only sharp and unexpected experiences allow the person to distract from habitual scenery and more brightly to perceive surrounding. Therefore - that all terrible and unknown is so attractive, and skillful myth makers are always demanded by public. Hoffman`s fairy tales, short stories On, Lavkraft and Mayrink, Gogol and Bulgakov`s novels get new and new admirers, helping readers to crack the settled paradigms of mind and for fictional to see the present.

With development of a civilization also myths developed, only becoming stronger in the positions. And today the legends shrouded in an aura of mystery continue to sprout from the real stories which are repeatedly retold in city bustle. The killed schoolgirl who looked at it death weather vane on one of the Moscow schools. The boiling underground lake under the center of Moscow. Apartments and the whole haunted houses on the place of old cemeteries. The legendary shadow of the hung plumber over the Arena which disappeared after the fire and reconstruction of the area. The ghost of the guest worker immured in a ditch. Various places of force . The strange persons and images which are unexpectedly appearing in photos. The dead men who are in a dream warning about the future troubles. The disturbing presentiments rescuing people from accidents. The terrible beings living in the sewerage. Monuments which help students to take examinations, and the flowers from graves of Saints helping fulfillment of desires. Poltergeist, at last. You take it seriously or not, curiosity all the same gets the best. And suddenly - the truth?

Numerous city myths are handed down, get on pages of newspapers and magazines, and the most curious of them form the basis of novels of modern writers. Literary critics petrify from impossibility of application to such books of rational approach, and readers unconcernedly read. Whatever one may do, but in literary mysticism the impression is more important than an explanation, special beauty and attractiveness is put into irrationalities of the events it. And new adherents of the beyond continue to succeed literary classics from mysticism.

One of such latest myth makers - the writer and the specialist in east medical practicians Tatyana Korsakova - brilliantly beats archetypic images within modern realities. For example, central theme of its novel Third key there was a legend about recovered to a statue (hi To Bronze Horseman To Don Juan and many other). And in the book Ashes of the Phoenix Korsakova lifts motive of search of eternal youth and inevitable payment for this gift which is also not losing relevance from century to century.

In fact, any book creates other, parallel reality even if it also is very similar to ours. So why not to add this reality a little mystical " pepper;?

Mystical terrifying stories break everyday tranquility of our mind, forcing a brain to work at unusually intensive speed as soon as possible to understand, process and acquire information on absolutely new phenomena which often are roughly destroying the world around model built by us.

The mysticism is mysterious and inexplicable phenomena which in the future can stop being those. But as if the science evolved dramatically, our existence still remains full of riddles and unsoluble questions. And it is fine! The look of the person has to be directed always forward, to the distant horizons, to new questions and answers which it can find. To what so far remains beyond knowledge.

Be erased this side, and we forever would lose ability to dream and change the world. Without mystical component life would become fatally boring. But so far the curtain separating the beyond from posyustoronny hangs over the world while there lives in the person thirst of a miracle, new myths will be born, and new storytellers will immortalize them in the books for descendants.