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As to order a sex of the child, or Want the boy - eat biscuits!

Speak, in America there lived the doctor who was famous for what the sex of future child helped the patients to program unmistakably. It is no wonder that long lines of the young women wishing to become pregnant " queued up to it; correctly . So the doctor also lived up to an old age, luxuriating on monasteries of success if once it was not exposed. It turned out that in words he told one, and in a notebook wrote down absolutely another. And if the oral forecast did not come true, written always confirmed his correctness.

In a word, the smart doctor was a swindler. It would seem, this case had to teach women to belong not too seriously to similar predictions (and to predictors), but where there! In hope to give birth to the baby of a desirable floor we are ready to believe any theories. And, according to scientists, any way which with absolute reliability would help to program a sex of future child is not invented yet.

However, it does not mean that any of the techniques existing nowadays the boy - or a devochkorozhdeniye in general it is impossible to trust. Some of them really increase probability of birth of the child of a desirable floor. And, in spite of the fact that many experts are skeptical about similar attempts enough, nothing prevents you to try. And suddenly will carry, and on you these methods will work?

This way programming the French scientists invented. They established that by means of a special diet it is possible to affect a sex of future child. In their opinion, conception of the boy or girl directly depends on what substances are saved up in organisms of spouses by the time of conception. And if in three weeks prior to conception to sit down on malchikovy or girly diet, correct pregnancy it is guaranteed!

So to give birth to the son, include in the menu as much as possible meat, fishes, the semolina and rice porridge cooked on water. Mushrooms, potatoes, dried peas, white beans, bananas, dates, apricots, peaches are " too; white list. From drinks tea - coffee, from desserts - biscuits is recommended. Black list: the milk and products prepared on its basis, and also cocoa, nuts, black and red caviar, shrimps, crabs. Green beans, cabbage, fennel, salad are undesirable. It is necessary to forget about pancakes - they, according to the French scientists, do not promote the son`s birth.

If you dream of the daughter, a podnalyagta on eggs and dairy products: cheeses, cottage cheese, ice cream. It is recommended to eat more often eggplants, an asparagus, beet, carrots, cucumbers, green bean, onions. Do not limit yourself in sweet: all types of pastries (without yeast), honey, jam are devchach products! Tea, coffee, milk are welcomed in your diet too. And here authors of a method advise fish, meat, potato, corn and tomatoes to use in limited quantities. Smoked sausage, canned food and a pickles it is necessary to exclude completely.

We remind that such diet is recommended before conception. After pregnancy came, the woman can eat everything that wants (according to recommendations of her attending physician, certainly).

More rhythmically!

Other method capable to influence conception of the boy or girl, - change of a rhythm of sex life. This theory belongs to domestic scientists. Watching animals, they found out that prevalence of cubs of this or that floor directly depends on sexual activity of adult individuals. When she high, is born more males when low - females.

Some sexopathologists consider that the same rule works also for people: while the passion storms, boys most often are born. And when impetuous sex is succeeded by quiet and silent love - friendship, girls, as a rule, are born.

So if you dream of the successor, sex should have more rhythmically and more actively! You exhaust yourself repair, work and sport less, and protect all forces for it . The most ideal - to take vacation and to carry out it as once you carried out the honey month (we will remind: 90 percent of time - in a bedroom and only 10 percent - on the beach, and not vice versa).

You dream of the daughter? In that case it is better for you to remember bed pleasures less often. If such prospect does not suit the husband, send his energy to other course. Let will shift a tile in a bathroom, will be engaged in run in the mornings or works overtime. What to do, it is necessary to suffer. Then, when the girl will be born, you will make up for lost time...

Not from a bay - a barakhta!

A the Polish experts recommend to married couples to remember arithmetics. They found out that the sex of future child can really be planned if to have sex not from a bay - a barakhta, and in certain days. So, if conception happens in 11 - 12 days prior to the beginning of periods, the probability of the birth of the boy is high if in 13 - 14 days, most likely, the girl is born.

This method has one essential shortcoming - difficult to apply it if at the woman jumps menstrual cycle. In that case try to consider in a different way: taking into account day of maturing of an ovum and time of life of spermatozoa. Consider that man`s spermatozoa are more mobile, but live not for long. Therefore if you want to give birth to the boy, sexual intercourse has to fall on day of maturing of an ovum (and in the last 4 - 5 days it is necessary to be protected). Female spermatozoa are more hardy, but also are more sluggish. So if you plan to give birth to the daughter, sexual contacts have to be stopped in 3 - 4 days prior to an ovulation (maturing of an ovum).

It is possible to time maturing of an ovum, measuring within 2 - 3 months bazalny temperature in the mornings. Sharp temperature increase (higher than 37 degrees) testifies to an ovulation (if, of course, you at this moment are not chilled and have no flu).

It is clear, that above-mentioned ways detoprogrammirovaniye it is not necessary to perceive too literally. They are effective, according to creators, in 8 cases from 10 (and in practice - is even more rare). Therefore the misfire, alas, is not excluded.

But, maybe, it and to the best? Otherwise many, especially in the Muslim countries, nazakazyval only boys. And to what it would lead? To general chaos and disharmony. So it is good that the nature allows us to influence still only indirectly conception process, reserving nevertheless a final decision. Whatever you may say, but it it is obvious more wisely us!