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How to pay a compliment?

the Compliment are a special form of a praise, expression of approval, admiration of the appearance of the person, his manners which is successfully told by the word. Given a polite shape, it always it gives pleasure - in each of us there are though a little self-love and vanities.

Compliments are important help for creation of pleasant mood in society. The compliment has to be easy, playful, simple, natural and, the main thing, truthful. If to pay compliments infrequently and besides cleverly and thinly, they give to conversation desirable grace. On the contrary, when in compliments are heard preparation, a claim or pomposity, they become ridiculous and trite.

Rough flattery - no other than hypocrisy, it is always inappropriate, and not in the best way characterizes paying such compliments. However, it is humiliating to receive it too.

It is very good when the compliment is said in time and to the place. The compliment told in time and given a graceful polite shape always it gives pleasure. It gives confidence to the person constraining, helps to reveal to closed, increases mood staying in grief.

At many became a habit to do compliments, without caring for as far as they are timely and to the place are told. Often in relation to the woman we hear such words: You perfectly look today! Now let`s imagine that instead of words of gratitude for a compliment the lady asks a natural question: Unless yesterday I looked very bad?

A compliment What you today beautiful! in general a compliment to call difficult. In reply involuntarily the question arises: What, in other days you will not tell it about me?

Doing a compliment, always you remember: it should not make double sense. Words What you today elegant! as a compliment are no good owing to double sense.

the Compliment should not comprise pronounced flattery. Doing to

a compliment, avoid exaggerations and unlimited delight.

In a compliment it is necessary to avoid moralizing councils of type: To you so there is this dress, put on it more often .

In what manner should say a compliment?

- Confident tone, but it is benevolent, with a smile

- Avoid cheap theatrical effects, excessive enthusiasm

- the Mimicry and gestures have to correspond to the words

- In a compliment there cannot be even a hint on irony

- Avoid stamps;

- Are appreciated only those compliments which are told in time and to the place;

- do not do compliments by the way, between times Preparing for

a compliment, it is necessary to count possible reaction to it. If there is an option of negative attitude to what you are going to tell, refrain from conceived.

to Pay compliments to one lady if another can hear your words, follows carefully. In some situations it can worsen mood of the last, for example, if it in unfamiliar society or nearby is not present the satellite.

Between men compliments not only are not accepted, but are even considered as indecent and do ridiculous as those who tell them and those whom they concern, at least, when are not given a shape of an innocent joke. Also and ladies, and in particular young girls, should not pay compliments to men. Otherwise they can fall into very awkward and humorous state and risk to embarrass also themselves, and the praised gentleman.

Ladies, listening to a well-turned compliment of the gentleman, should not give in to self-conceit as often same quality cannot be pleasant to all and everyone. In general, it is necessary to accept any compliment with the approving look carefully as happens that in the stated courtesies the false arrangement and imaginary love are covered.

As it is correct to to react to a sincere compliment?

- With the advantage and gratitude

- Words of gratitude needs to be stated sincerely, without being limited to the person on duty thanks

- Refrain to straighten out flattering. Be limited to words of polite gratitude

- Comments and questions (even in response to compliments ambiguous, inappropriate) it is better to leave at itself

- Accepting a compliment, do not object. Do not belittle the advantages

- If admired your appearance, it is inappropriate to speak in reply about the feeling sick

Now, having a minimum of knowledge of compliments, it is possible and to be trained. I recommend to begin with friends and acquaintances. Even if at you something will go not so, they will forgive you and will understand quicker, than unfamiliar people. Good luck to you in your undertakings!