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Orthopedic mattress: what does it mean?

Spring or springless?

the Orthopedic mattress adapts to features of your body. As if you laid down, the backbone remains in natural situation. The orthopedic mattress reduces pressure upon a body and improves blood circulation. Most often it is mattresses on the basis of the block of independent springs which part is viskolateks or material with effect of memory.

What it is better? - On what to you is the most comfortable. The mattress is chosen not eyes, but a back, more precisely all over. Lie down on a mattress, accept a pose in which you usually fall asleep, close eyes and trust in own feelings.

more rigid does not mean better

Rigid and orthopedic is not same. The rigid mattress well supports the heaviest parts of a body - shoulders and hips, but does not care for a waist at all. Too soft mattress, on the contrary, causes effect of a hammock : the body fails, and the backbone is bent. The mattress can have very elastic spring block which maintains enormous loadings, and at the same time to remain soft and comfortable.

the Spring block

the Spring block is heart orthopedic mattress. It has to be independent when each spring is placed in a separate sack. Pressing one spring does not involve the movement of the next springs. The spring block may contain 256, 500, 1000 springs on square meter. At the same time not the quantity, but a form of a spring and its elasticity is more important. For example, the patented spring hourglasses - heart collections of orthopedic mattresses Askona - consists from 3 - x parts. The top and lower zones more widely  go diameter provide the most gentle and comfortable support. The central narrowing of a spring is a zone of the maximum elasticity. She enters work when loading becomes sil  it. As a result we get universal support absolutely for different builds. Spring hourglasses elastic and durable, it will serve for many years.

Creation of full-fledged sleeping system

your organism needs full support. If you put an orthopedic mattress on a floor, it reduces its properties and as a result can negatively affect your health. Orthopedic surgeons recommend to put a mattress on an orthopedic lattice or on the company basis - then you get full support of a body. Correctly picked up orthopedic pillow will take care of the top department of a backbone. You watch that it suited your mattress, otherwise the harmless pillow can turn your rest into series of dreadful nights. Experts - consultants of salons or the Internet - shop of the " company will help to choose ideal option to you; Ascona .

So far as concerns health, do not regret time and forces for search the a mattress - on what you will meet each new day with a smile and good mood!