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Whether influences men female planet Moon? Only having overcome

2000 - a thousand boundary of the current chronology, people began to doubt that they are created for reign over the nature. As the stray son, having come back home, remembers fatherly orders and the old habits, and we try to penetrate into space laws now, having convinced, at last, that we only a part of a big live organism by the name of the Universe.

We already decided not to turn the rivers back and ceased as the Gipsy the sun to twist over the head an atomic nucleus. We had enough Aral Sea and Chernobyl...

Everything influences everything! In one of old fantastic movies the hero, having visited the past, crushed a butterfly. And when it returned to the era, on Earth from - for absence in a biological chain of this butterfly, life was another...

Not without reason our ancestors considered world around, wildlife actually live and treated it respectively. If the person caught laws of space harmony and lives in a consent with them, then he both is healthy, and is happy.

And in this cut of knowledge of the woman have bigger potential, than men because they are by nature allocated with a keen intuition and more sensitive soul.

The intuition is an ability to receive the true hidden knowledge of the nature of things from the Universe. And as I was convinced, the intuition needs to trust, it does not bring us. It is established that women are influenced most of all by lunar rhythms. In astrology the Moon - the planet with female power. Try to penetrate into the schedule of life of this planet. It is interesting that the Moon is mentioned in the Bible as space hours. This knowledge very practical, and they, undoubtedly, will help you to approach secrets of biorhythms of the Universe.

All of us live according to a solar calendar now, but this star with man`s, tough power. On a table of the woman there has to be also a lunar calendar. Especially as solar calendar absolutely abstract.

Every month the Moon passes four phases, and the power condition of an organism, his resilience and activity depends on phases of the Moon.

In the first phase the organism as though endures the youth: it grows and accumulates forces. At this time it is necessary to eat and make plans for the future fully. In the second phase vital forces approach the peak. The second phase comes to an end with a full moon when it is very difficult to control itself. Not without reason in many movies the full Moon is shown close up on the eve of some events. To exclude dangerous situations, in a full moon try not to visit populous places and not to go to travel.

By the way, I noticed that almost always mass actions in critical days and happen. The version arises that organizers of these performances are familiar with a lunar calendar.

In the third phase of the moon the organism is ready for creation, it is capable of a lot of things. Do not miss these days. In the fourth phase have already less than energy, the fingers are all thumbs. But at this time spiritual powers open, wisdom comes.

Days of transition of the Moon from one phase in another - stressful. Them I advise the nobility too. Besides, the Moon is influenced also by zodiac sign in which it is. Zodiac sign defines an emotional spirit and tendency to this or that kind of activity.

Character of lunar days in very big degree defines our behavior. The lunar calendar will prompt when to begin new business and when to go to salon. You are surprised, but in days, optimum for a hairstyle, in a hairdressing salon not to force the way. Many live on lunar rhythms, even without realizing it. The woman needs to consolidate only this feeling - knowledge.

If to wash clothes on the decreasing Moon moreover in the fourth phase, you will notice a big difference both as washing, and in the speed of drying of linen. Those days when the Moon is in fire signs (the Aries, Lev, the Sagittarius), there is a danger to get solar burn. The sun these days Yarilo`s present!

There are in a lunar calendar also such days which it is necessary to use, not to miss their really magic power.

All this works, is checked not only me, but also many millennia. It is a pity that nobody specially acquaints us with this sacramental knowledge. And they are vital and necessary.

Be not too lazy, look through a lunar calendar and if you ripened for this knowledge, they to you will open. One wise man told that the teacher comes when the pupil ripened . I wish you and to ripen and begin to see clearly!