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Who thought up “ padonkaffsky " language;?

On the Internet like mad extend for a long time epidemic. And this epidemic already began to go beyond its limits. And name to it “ padonkaffsky " language;.

In forums and in comments, in advertizing and in the simple speech are heard “ Preved of the medical Veda! “ “ Afftar burns down “ “ Zachot “ “ kg / am “ “ Drink a yada “ “ to Babruysk, an animal “ etc., etc. And for the first time language arose not spontaneously, and as a result of purposeful activity of enthusiasts. And for the first time - at first in writing - on the Internet, and already from it new words and expressions began to be adopted by oral speech.

I will not be in this article neither to praise, nor to abuse this phenomenon, I will just try to give the answer to a question: “ Who thought up it? “.

several amusing versions, like the fact that " Are; padonkaffsky " language; the Owl from the animated film about Winnie - Down thought up. Or that all this Chinese - thought up and that is interesting, not that, ancient that invented gunpowder, and our contemporaries who the first began to write “ panasonig “ “ filipzz “ “ indizid “ and “ Samsung “.

The journalist of the Russian edition of Newsweek Artem Vernidub writes that actually there began it the author of the website Udaff. com Dmitry “ Boa “ Sokolovsky , the electrical engineer by profession, 1970 - go year of birth. Seven years ago it “ began to write for the website with the speaking name fuck. ru, and made then the website udaff. com where publishes personal and others` texts in which the corporal bottom prevails: sex, food and excrements. “ This resource is created for the real geeks “ - and it is told in their manifesto. - “ Who does not like words x ** and p ****, can go on x **. The others of prutsets “. “ Pruzza “ “ geeks “ - such words wrote the whole stories, or “ kriatiffa “ as they are called “ afftara “.

Under “ afftaram “ the “ kament “ left “ kamentatara “. When “ afftar “ there was much, and interesting “ kriatiff “ it is not enough, “ kamentatara “ began to save time. If it was pleasant - will confine to the phrase “ Azzky Satan “ “ Afftar burns down “ (in sense “ lights “) or “ Pesha eshchshcho “. It was not pleasant - “ Afftar, drink a yada “ or, if everything is absolutely bad, “ Kriatiff g*vno afftar m*dak “ (it is possible “ kg / am “) “.

But to Wikipedias it is written that according to Sokolovsky, the first to distort words on the website fuck. ru there began the author acting under a pseudonym of Linksi (Linxy)... And in article of G. Guseynov (2000) who entered concept of an errative (deliberately distorted word) references to network publications of Dmitry Galkovsky who already in plays of 1990 - x widely applied years that style for which authors of the websites udaff strove subsequently are given. com and fuck. ru.

Igor Belkin and Alexander Amzin specify that “ in many cases the equal-sign between " is unfairly put; language padonkaf “ and more specific dialect which generated lexicon in " style; preved “.

First arose as attempt to disguise the speech by transfer of texts on the websites demanding a little bigger compliance to literary norms. Second type (“ preved “) first of all, assuming decorative processing of phonetics, arose on the entertaining websites (undoubtedly, being strongly influenced “ padonkafsky “ traditions, but, nevertheless, quite independent).

Emergence of the term “ Albanian “ (on “ correct “ an adverb - “ olbansky “) it is connected with LiveJournal where runetovsky society actively accepted “ language of geeks “. The user of onepamop from Russia published photos, having supplied them with the Russian comments. The user of scottishtiger (the American from Tacoma, the State of Washington, the Scottish origin) asked a question: “ In what language comments are written? “ also received the answer from the Russian maxxximus that it is, say, Albanian.

Next day scottishtiger votvt on the question “ And why you think that comments were written for you? “ wrote: “ Because it is the American website, but not Albanian. And I know what you tell in two languages. Besides, to be an American means that other world has to serve me therefore talk in English “. On this onepamop organized a flashmob “ Albanian Lessons “ after which records of the blog scottishtiger were filled up with comments in Russian of the " type; Study Albanian! “ then this expression became nominal. Since then in the " environment; geeks “ phrase “ Afftar, learn Albanian “ means the instruction on limitation of the person to whom it is addressed.

With “ prevedy “ users of the RuNet were acquainted by the collective blog dirty. ru on which thousands of users show the skills of possession of Photoshop and sense of humour, creating ridiculous collages (so-called phototoads). Somebody Lobzz published the picture with a bear, “ prevedstvuyushchy “ the relaxing couple outdoors. The author of a collage plainly changed nothing in the image - it only replaced the remark “ Surprise! “ which in the original was attributed to a bear by the author of a picture, on “ Preved! “.

Prerequisite for emergence “ azzky “ words and expressions, unlike the most part other Internet - lexicon, there was probably a need for creation of a set of emotional cliches that part of Internet surfers who are for one reason or another not satisfied with the traditional mechanism - so-called smilies or emoticons (emoticons).

As in Russia the Internet - is Wednesday the most active journalistic, would-be-literary and programmer community, it was necessary to expect emergence of language subculture which basis is not functional (as in case of the English-speaking teenagers reducing the word great to gr8), and deliberately - parody distortion of the words “.

I hope, now it is simpler to you to be guided at forums, you are not so unfriendly to this lexicon, and in general declare, having read article that afftar burns down!