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How to look after skin in the summer?

to Prepare sledge in the summer, and the cart in the winter - business good, but not always correct.

For example, things for summer clothes can be bought in advance, and to here select means for summer care of skin and hair in January it is somehow silly - why to creams and other cosmetics half a year to become dusty on the shelf? To what it I? And to the fact that now it is a high time to refresh the cosmetics bag - and itself darling.

Officially special summer the cosmetics, it seems, does not exist. Actually means which we use during a heat strongly differ from those which we use in the winter. Actually, as summer it is possible to consider any cosmetics directed to the solution of problems of skin and the hair arising during the hot period. If to allocate something summer, then it will be not cosmetics rather, and such rules of summer behavior .

The main summer pleasures - the sun and a heat - turn in the main source of problems for beauty and youth. You judge: from an ultraviolet skin dries and grows old, at people with fat skin pores are clogged up and there are inflammations, many suffer from emergence of freckles and pigmentary spots, hair grow dull and become similar to tow - all this put hands bright summer sun. From a heat flows and instantly any cosmetics hammers a time (from ink to foundation), hair become stale by sight quicker, are stronger salted, sweating amplifies from what skin is dehydrated not less, than from an ultraviolet.

Naturally, there is a question - what to do? Strategically everything is simple: to clear, protect and humidify, humidify, to humidify. From the tactical point of view it is possible to select several rules. to Clear

needs to make ritual of clarification of skin more sparing. If a skin - that gentle, for sensitive skin. If tonic - that not spirit, and, for example, on herbs. If a srub, then soft, with small abrasive particles and leaky texture. If at you is on inflammation skin - better to use in quality the antiseptics miramistin or hlorgeksidin. They, unlike alcohol, do not dry skin that is especially important in the summer. The clearing masks happen easy too are mousses and skins with extracts of a cucumber or tea tree.

Also try to touch the person less! In the summer on our sweated handles settles much more dirt and dust, than in the winter so it becomes simpler to bring an infection and to provoke an inflammation. to Protect

Reconsider the set of creams. All summer means have to have sun-protection components (usually it is specified on a label) and to mainly be moistening, but not nutritious. Now almost each cosmetic brand lets out not only dense creams in jars, but also easier - in tubes, and absolutely gentle (so-called fluids) - in flakonchik with the batcher. The easy texture of cream will help it quicker and better to be absorbed and will not leave a greasy luster and heavy feeling on a face, and sun-protection factors will prevent presenilation. Pay special attention to cream for a century, in the summer the bright sun forces us to squint constantly that provokes emergence goose pads . For those who did not get sunglasses yet, such cream - just necessity. to Moisten with

Get to yourself water in spray. It is not obligatory to buy expensive company means with thermal water at all - the bottle of good mineral water from the next supermarket will cope with a problem of moistening of skin is not worse at all. It is possible just to moisten a napkin and to periodically put it on a face, it is possible to find on the shelf an old bottle with a spray and to wash it, or to buy an empty bottle for toilet water in the next stall trading in spirits in pouring.

Such way allows to moisten skin, without having spoiled a make-up, and very effectively refreshes during a heat. For inhabitants of the offices which are carrying out the whole day at the computer in the conditioned room, such measure - rescue, by the way, as well as for those who travel by plane is simple.

Besides moistening, in the summer skin needs to be toned up, and it is the best of all to do it by an ice cube, of usual mineral water, green tea or of grass infusion too. to Facilitate

Change tactics of a make-up. During a heat the make-up, first of all, has to be a lung as, however, and all summer. On a face there should be no surplus: in fashion minimalism.

Light foundation, and is better in general without it (all cosmetologists are unanimous that the minimum use of voice-frequency means prolongs skin youth). Try the moisturizing cream with voice-frequency effect - such let out, for example, Vichy Lumene . Summer powder has to be leaky too. It makes sense to get friable powder and to apply only it in the morning, at end of a make-up, and during the day to use the special matting napkins which absorb surplus of skin fat and do not spoil a make-up.

Replace lipstick with gloss, it is possible even with menthol. Such means will give the pleasant cooling effect. Still you can try to paint eyelashes in beauty shop - then you do not need ink, and you will look freshest and it is natural, that is as in summer!

It is important that summer the decorative cosmetics has to contain ultra-violet filters (for lipstick, foundation and powder it is the requirement surely).

to Seize the moment

Use summer to yourself for the benefit. Irina Muravyeva with a strawberry mask on a face in the movie Moscow does not trust tears for certain all remember. Here its example also should using in the summer - when in our latitudes such abundance of natural cosmetics is observed! Fruit and vegetables will perfectly add an arsenal of means on care of skin.

For example, grapes, a vegetable marrow and an eggplant perfectly moisten skin; the apricot removes irritation; the peach possesses the calming action; the diluted lemon juice bleaches and narrows pores, the cucumber rejuvenates; carrots help from eels; strawberry bleaches (helps from freckles, pigmentary spots and even from eczema); raspberry, currant, cherry make the general improving impact on skin.


Consultation at professionals

you Descend to the cosmetologist. He will help you to choose strategy of summer care of skin, will pick up the means of professional cosmetics suitable you will prompt what procedures during the summer period it is better to avoid.

For example, removal of a vascular grid or asterisks, a mesotherapy, face peel are carried out to the summer period, using a professional slang, under sanbloky . The special means which is reliably protecting skin from ultra-violet influence should be put right after procedure and then about a week more. After that it is possible to enjoy sunshine and hot weather again.

And here cosmetologists advise a peeling, removal of birthmarks and a photoepilation to postpone until fall.