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Why to us socionics? What is psychotype?

Very often we see (and sometimes and we are irritated) advertizing - offers of various of personal trainings . Of course, here frank hack-work and squeezing of money often meets. But all - would not be desirable together with water to splash out the child and to lose a certain useful knowledge only because this useful knowledge swindlers saddled. It is necessary to be guided somehow...

Presently more and more people are interested in sciences about the person, his opportunities, about ways of management of people, about methods of increase of personal efficiency. People in general like to talk about themselves, to classify themselves and friends, to find out, who to whom suits . From here interest in primitive tests and horoscopes is only an occasion to argue about itself favourite, and there is nothing bad in it, in general. Many people look for conditions of harmony, the world in . For this reason demand on socially - psychological trainings, on trainings of personal growth is so big presently.

The socionics considers the person as carrier of a certain psychotype. It gives the real chance to understand itself, to understand people and to expect (in general) their behavior.

Having in detail understood structure of own mentality, everyone has an opportunity to construct own, individual strategy of development. Can enter it (depending on the current requirements) and relationship with darling, and relationship with money, and labor relations, and a lot of things are many other things. One of important results of sotsionichesky development is that the person, having mastered the sotsionichesky theory, receives the tool by means of which further he can estimate what of the numerous techniques of development offered by different authors he suits personally it (taking into account its congenital psychotype ) what qualities it needs to develop, and what... it is better to leave alone.

You should not think that existence of this or that set of strong functions rigidly assigns a certain professional and creative area to each of us. Yes, it is valid, people of one psychotypes are more located to one kinds of activity, others - respectively, to others.

The socionics is the science studying psychology of communication and the identity of the person .

Why people want to live in peace and friendship, but at the same time constantly quarrel? Why people test syndrome of chronic fatigue ? How to choose a profession to liking and to succeed in it? How to find to itself the partner in life and to get on with him? How to understand own parents and own children? How to build the relations at work? How to try a key to the chief? These are only the few from issues with which the socionics deals.

The Swiss psychologist and the psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung (1875 - 1961) developed typology of characters ( Psychological " types; 1921) which cornerstone allocation of the dominating mental function (thinking, feeling, intuition, feeling) is and classified all people by the prevailing orientation on an outside or inner world (ekstravertivny and introvertivny types).

Such classification looks, apparently, simply, but is based on difficult, contradictory relationship of the conscious and unconscious person in mentality.

Carl Gustav Jung, being based, as well as all psychiatrists are clinical physicians at that time, mainly on practical consultation, revealed characteristics which, in his opinion, are defining in the personality and behavior of the person. Thinking of interaction of the person with world around, with information which he obtains from this world, and over way of obtaining this information, Jung came to a conclusion that the following characteristics operate these processes:

The extrovert - the introvert - the property defining how the person compares an outside and inner world;

Sensorik - the intuitionalist - a way of knowledge and obtaining information;

the Logician - etik - preference of objective regularities or the interpersonal relations; Ratsional - irratsionat

- preference of situational or strategic reaction to changes of world around.

It is necessary to notice that Jung himself first built some human types on crossing of these 4 characteristics. Subsequently in the preface to the Argentina " edition; Psychological " types; (1934) he called a similar type of classification not than other, as saloon children`s game . Jung considered each person by the carrier individual, peculiar only to it features and lines of the personality. Pure types do not happen - his words.

As explained to me, names of types (all these of Vatsona and Balzaki) absolutely are conditional , and on them you should not turn special attention. Just that it was easier to remember. There is also a developed theory about compatibility of types among themselves - both in marriage sense, and in sense of work and cooperation. Solid firms surely hold in human resources department the expert in socionics, because the beautiful people belonging to incompatible psychotypes can absolutely to put out mutual efforts, there will also be no advantage work, him. And well compatible groups (quadras and so on) will feed and supplement each other.

It is not less important to understand and distinguish psychotypes at education of children not to force the child to be improved that it is contraindicated to it, not to drive itself and it into neurosis and hostility, and on the contrary, to help to develop strengths and to strengthen weak.

However to define (to tipirovat ) the person not so simply, for this purpose it is not enough to pass unpretentious testik. For definition of sotsionichesky type there are difficult, scientifically developed systems of tests. And to penetrate into this business properly, it is necessary to read literature thoroughly. And it is pleasant because the fast result without application of efforts is usually promised know who.

And we do not look for easy ways! We look for correct.