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How to manage to marry or not to be late to marry?

You already perfectly take of each other the hint, acquainted each other with parents and decided that you want to spend the remained years of life together? But for preparation of a wedding it is important to follow each trifle and what to do if representatives of both families from morning to the night at work, and hypochondriac the groom with the bride are afraid to charge the organization of so important vital event to the stranger?

Prewedding preparation plays a huge role, it combines a set of details which you will not be able to hold in the head in any way, and all picture of the subsequent joint life also can depend on result of monthly userdiya. However you should not panic also in a pursuit for prewedding tranquility it is urgent to look for wedding agency when all issues can be resolved and. In one way - everything carefully to think over, systematize and have before itself an evident picture of current affairs!

One my acquaintance, in three months prior to a marriage, made in Exele the small plate where he kept all income and expenses in all respects of the account which appeared absolutely much. It turned out very informatively. It brought all this in the computer and quietly put only one figures, dates and ticks opposite to the relevant articles.

Nevertheless, that absolutely all carefully to organize and think over, many married couples are advised to divide all organizational period into 5 stages: preliminary (in 2 - 3 months prior to a wedding), preparatory (for 1 - 2 month), a home straight (in 3 weeks), precautionary (some days before a wedding) and, actually, zhenitelny (in the wedding day). If accurately to adhere to all councils and to work in established periods, you absolutely without tension all will be in time!

So, in Preliminary a stage needs to come in due time to the REGISTRY OFFICE and to submit the official statement for registration. Except valid passports it is necessary to bring also the paid receipt (state duty). Choose a style of your wedding suits and begin to visit wedding salons. If you plan to flash exclusive models, choose studio and discuss all trifles on tailoring.

Buy wedding rings in jewelry store and begin to think over the scenario of your wedding day. Having made and having approved the official list of guests, begin searches of the restaurant suitable on number of guests or cafe. Buy or order wedding invitations in printing house, having received a consent of all those who will play the roles according to the developed scenario.

In Preparatory a stage can be engaged in the choice of the photographer and a videoperator. Having agreed with the host, make the exact plan of action. Choose musical collective for maintenance of a banquet and think over your first dance which, perhaps, should be put with the professional choreographer.

After the choice of the hairdresser and the makeup artist register in rehearsal of a hairdress and make-up. Reserve a hotel accommodation for the first marriage night and begin to distribute invitations. Reserve a limousine and calculate the number of cars of a wedding train which, perhaps, you want to decorate too somehow.

This period - a deadline for purchase of a wedding dress and a suit. Approve a banquet room, having discussed the wedding menu and decoration of a banquet room and holiday table.

In the period of Home straight needs to be convinced that all wedding invitations reached addressees. The meeting with the host is again necessary to discuss the appeared details. Begin to visit a sunbed to be especially attractive! Choose and order a wedding bouquet and a buttonhole.

Do not forget to buy shoes, linen and accessories. Depending on the number of guests buy alcohol and order wedding cake. Make the list of desirable gifts and report about them to guests. Order salute. Having discussed a route of wedding walk with the photographer, invite the friends to a bachelor party and a hen night.

Precautionary the stage is characterized by almost full readiness. During this period it is necessary to make the list of all persons who will render you services in holding a wedding. They have to confirm that they remember you and will not allow slips. Surely you resemble couple of days in new footwear and look at a weather forecast, collect suitcases for a honeymoon trip, and also a handbag for the bride.

In the Wedding day be nervous less. All of you will be in time! Do not forget the most important: passports and rings. All remained cares connected with a train, glasses, food and the marriage certficate are shifted to witnesses of the groom and the bride...

Enjoy with each other, you appreciate every second this long-awaited day and laugh without the reason, the smile and pleasure this day will prolong life not only to you, but also all surrounding. Council yes love to you!