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What does the man solid or How to learn to smoke a pipe?

Ideally ironed suit, expensive watch and the pipe exhaling spicy aromas. The image of such man emerges in consciousness at many subdued women. These men possess what does attractive only them, but not gentle, fragile female creation

Many brave men beginning to smoke a pipe, stopped this occupation after couple of unsuccessful trying, bitterness and sour taste in a mouth, with strong belief that smokers of tubes are a concourse of masochists and self-torturers. However, as the American humorist Mark Twain told once: Many would like to smoke a pipe and not all are able to do it

Skilled smokers notice that it is necessary to smoke a pipe only dry, breathed . You will leave moisture at the bottom of a cup - and the tube will sour. There will be an unpleasant sourish smack, and taste of the tobacco will be spoiled.

It is necessary to choose tobacco from personal preferences - who loves with sourness who with a taste of bitterness and someone departs from sweetishly - east, spicy aromas. It is necessary to fill a tube with tobacco to the edge. Having filled a tabachok up to the top, it is necessary to trample down slightly it a toptalka. After that it is necessary to pour a tabachka again and once again to trample down it, slightly more densely. It is recommended to make this procedure until then (enough three times) until tobacco is trampled down thoroughly, forming in a cup the condensed layer filled up " spices;.

Then process " begins; raskurivaniye tubes. Ideal will be to light up a tube in two steps. It will allow to feel perfectly all scale of shades of the chosen taste, and also will allow tobacco well to be warmed . For this purpose all surface of tobacco then by means of a toptalka it is necessary to extinguish it needs at first to allow to light up and to light up again. After that it is already possible to smoke quietly, popykhivy

How to choose that tobacco which taste will bring not only pleasure from the process of smoking, but also to cause pleasant feelings possession of this aroma ? As we know, aroma can be compared to the woman - the is more juicy, the more interestingly However, tastes differ therefore it is necessary to proceed from own flavoring requirements nevertheless.

You like to drink undiluted whisky? Then the English mixes tobacco with addition of Latakia which has special, unique aroma - for someone smoked ham, and for someone, I`m sorry, and stale socks - depending on features of sense of smell will be to the taste to you .

If you consider that all charm of a dinner - in a dessert, then it will be pleasant to you American tobacco (granulated or mixed, easy, sweetish and flavored).

Fans of sauces of Chile and thrills in literal sense - can try the French mixes . These are quite strong tobacco like Mixture, usually with a big share of east tabak giving to taste sharpness.

If you have in honor a cinnamon and vanilla, then taste Danish tobacco, flavored and having spiciness. Or perhaps you love both that, and another, and the third, and all at once? By all means will be to the taste to such extraordinary persons Dutch tobacco which can be both easy, and flavored, and rather strong on the basis of tart grades and the dark, fermented tabak.

Having decided on preferable taste, it is possible to choose also a tube: To the Pioneer of smoking it is better to choose not the biggest, direct tube. The tube with a big cup and thick walls sits in hands better and is not so heated as small with thin walls, but it can be too heavy to hold it in teeth

If after all recommendations all of you did not change mind to become the solid man and to learn to smoke a pipe, then besides tobacco and, certainly, the tube it is required to you:

the Brush for cleaning of the smoke channel (from 15 to 50 rubles) and a tee which consists of a spoon for stuffing of tobacco, of a toptalka , or of tamper - for utaptyvaniye ashes; also sewed for a punched hole of the smoke channel (from 100 to 1500 rubles).

Not to knock a tube on a firm surface (it is considered a bad form!) get a special ashtray with the oval ledge made of soft plastic or a stopper (from 1200 rubles). There easy percussion it is possible to beat out the top layer of ashes. It is also very convenient to use as smokers with experience, pipe lighters with a horizontal flame which there is a huge set (300 - 350 rubles) advise.

Here and all, as they say, dzhentelmentsky " set; allowing to achieve dream of many real men . However, as I. Ehrenburg spoke: Taking the call in teeth has to possess also the most rare virtues: impassivity of the commander, reticence of the diplomat and coolness of the sharper Smoke on health!