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What have to be hangers for clothes?

the Faultless type of your clothes depend not only on care of it, but also on that, how correctly you store each detail of clothes

You live in eternal haste and therefore the chaos so not at once you will find the necessary blouse reigns in your clothes? Business is reparable: good hangers will help you to bring order to clothes and to save time. The main thing that the hanger has to do, - to store your clothes in the best way. What here matters? First of all - a form and material.

First of all, a classical wooden coat hanger if they remained in your house and serves throughout three generations, has to be are dismissed from - for unsuitabilities for a profession. Wooden hangers are good only when they faultless quality. In other cases they do not have trust: they crack, let grow on themselves splinters which spoil fine fabrics.

Metal hangers seem more reliable, but here everything rests both against quality, and against a form. Without saying that unless aluminum hangers it is possible to recognize weight satisfactory, other too heavy and demand a reliable arm in a case. Metal hangers have to have silicone slips on shoulders thanks to which your flying dresses will not slide off them.

As ideal it is possible to consider plastic hangers - easy and smooth, with a prophetic form, convenient for yours. What

of a form have to be holders for clothes, you will understand, having looked at the clothes: buy hangers for things which prevail there, whether it be blouses, business suits or jeans by

the Female clothes for blouses and jackets need hangers of the simplest form, ideally - completely cast , without any details. The only thing that the cast design is able to afford, - hooks or dredging under shoulder-straps. Pay attention to hanger width: those that are on sale in shops and supermarkets, often too broad-shouldered so, at your jackets and blouses can appear bubbles on shoulders.

Select hangers with a width of shoulders, as at you even if they will be from children`s department ! On them blouses and jackets, and also knitted jumpers and tops remarkably are placed. It is considered that they have to be stored on the shelf in folded form, but try to hang up them, and you will see: on a hanger they feel themselves perfectly - are not rumpled and not extended. The speech, certainly, goes about qualitative things in which humeral seam the special band allowing sweaters to hang on a coat hanger without problems is sewed.

Practically each hanger has also trouser cunnings allowing to keep trousers in an ideal form. Even if the hanger has a crossbeam on which and there is a wish to hang up trousers, you should not do it! Contrary to ordinary opinion, trousers do not like to hang thrown through a crossbeam (so on them there is a fold) or to hang head over heels clamped for a trouser-leg bottom - it forms an arrow which is not carried many years.

It is better if a hanger stretches trousers up to a waist by means of springs (those parts which rest against fabric have to be covered with silicone), or takes them clothespegs, besides up to a waist. This way, even in a bigger degree, approaches idlya your skirts.

However, having come back home after heavy day of work, you are capable to get rid of everything and to forget instantly about the things? It is unfair to favourite clothes, but also to strain itself, tired, is not necessary. In this case you need to a hanger - a rack which is on sale in furniture store. On it you can dump the clothes! However, it is calculated only on one suit therefore your husband or the friend needs a separate rack. In what sense of such hanger? The clothes need some kind of respite too, and on this rack of a thing in a night will have a rest will straighten the acquired folds, unnecessary smells will disappear from them. And morning of a thing it will be possible " again; to return in clothes.

By itself, qualitative hangers will serve especially well you if you are ready to respect their rights: you will not begin to hang half-clothes on one or to fill things a case to the full. But here everything depends on you, but not on hangers!