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Why there is a sexual disharmony in marriage?

U me there are for you two news: good and bad. Let`s begin, as usual, with bad. According to sociological researches the average Russian family with a matrimony experience gives more than 5 years to sex 2,6 minutes a week, as a rule, on Sunday morning (interesting that at the same time on shaving of the man spend ten times more time).

It is no secret that for the majority not the first year of the married women sex from the greatest pleasure turns into a sad matrimonial duty. Well, and where good news? - you ask. Here it: this situation can be corrected.

But for a start we will talk about why sexual disharmony it becomes so frequent destiny of the stable, long living together couples. The reason, appears, lies on a surface - it is all about a notorious difference between the man and the woman. We look, we think, we feel and we act differently, our erotic desires and ways of their realization too very strongly differ.

Not by hearsay we know that thin feelings and almost inaudible nuances are the cornerstone of female sexuality, to us tenderness, sensitivity and, plus to everything, emotional bond with the partner is important (let the man look as the real sex - a symbol, but if it properly is unpleasant to the woman, then the proximity between them almost for certain will not take place).

Man`s eroticism is arranged much more simply. Whatever told our halves, actually they quite will suit only short, but intensive stimulation of a two-three of points of their courageous body (guess, what). Because so often the exchange of preliminary caress reminds dialogue of the blind person with the deaf. You will shower darling trembling with kisses (word, to do what is pleasant to you), and he, in turn, will become vigorous to rumple and rub those 2 - 3 points of your body which will consider as the most erogenous. You will be tired for certain, and here the fact that derive pleasure, - it is unevident.

And you know why there is such confusion in our desires and ways of their implementation? Yes because, that in a bed we are ready to discuss with our husbands anything, but only not proximity. No, that, having showered with the man with caress to whisper to him: Make to me the same we patiently wait for it the course. Having waited, so patiently we wait when it will shoot back . And sometimes we, imitating heroines of erotic movies, expressively we groan and we low to make to the partner pleasant.

Actually men, let unconsciously, but are always capable to distinguish true passion from well played performance. So if gestures of the partner bring you unpleasant feelings, you are not silent about it. Your victims are necessary to nobody. Only at which partners take mutual pleasure can be considered as rather good sex.

There is one problem - discrepancy in time which is necessary on warming up to the man and woman: half an hour to you and only couple of minutes to it. Remember, not you have to catch up with it, it has to have patience and finish you to standards . Let him caress you exactly so much time how many you need it, and, above all that you did not hurry yourself, and relaxed and derived pleasure. Also it is not necessary to aspire to a simultaneous orgasm - I will tell you in confidence that it was invented by creators of erotic movies. In real life he is too, but more likely as an exception, than the rule.

In sex there are once and for all no established rules - not important who the first comes to the finish. Also you should not experience from - for temporary absence of desire. Wait, it will surely return, especially, if you do not force the nature, representing burning passion. Better rare, but high-quality sex, than regular and boring. But if the desire does not come, so business serious - most likely, this partner is not interesting to you any more neither as the personality, nor as the lover.

Therefore be not afraid and you make various changes to intimate life safely.

I Wish you the kindest! Progress!