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How many it is possible to earn from Forex? As the Zaporozhets for the seas - oceans went

the Village of Kirovo in the Zaporizhia region can be considered quite indicative in respect of beauty of the nature and ecological purity. In total some 40 km from the regional center, one of industrial giants of our Homeland, and it is already easier breathed and more quietly is. And, the farther, the more quietly.

In former Soviet period of Kirovo - the richest village which stretched for the whole three railway stations. The infrastructure was - any item of of t. will envy Shops with goods of all industrial and food groups and even with a vegetable stall (that, by itself, somehow is not characteristic of the village).

The bakery, confectionery, sausage plant etc. Libraries, schools, mail, the lit streets - beauty and only. And now here it is really quiet in the worst sense of this word.

With disorder of the Union collective farms sank Into oblivion, shops and factories were closed, bring bread once a day from the regional center. Parks came to desolation, the small river the Horse tram shoaled The village only a night disco on days off, dismantling " excites; drunk peasants in the central bar and bark of stray dogs

Before recent time this remarkable the terrestrial corner was the only settlement appearing in my list of trips. And only because I have in Kirovo a seasonal dacha! And there was a wish to feel the person and to go on rest well though where - nibud far away dachas.

No, in Soviet period during a childhood time, we with parents, of course, annually went to the sea. Well what those times to remember?... Then only from funds of the state social insurance millions of rubles were annually allocated to establishments of tourism, rest for acquisition of preferential permits and various grants, sanatorno - resort treatment, etc. The huge sums from public funds of the enterprises and state farms were spent for the same purposes. And for travel according to permits of trade-union, youth and children`s tourism organizations there were reduced transport rates. Besides, the permit to rest or in cruise could award for labor merits before the fatherland.

Of course, it was possible to dare to travel. With present not to compare plus also the prices. Here it was also necessary to be content with small - that is travel on the seasonal dacha.

For the first time after long years nikudanevyezzhaniye it was succeeded to escape out of borders of Zaporizhia when on anniversary at the enterprise presented me the washing machine - the automatic machine. As at us the stiralka was already at home, a gift it was decided to sell. And that memory everything is remained, on the gained money bought the first in my conscious life vacation package abroad!

Magnificent Czech Republic - the bus tour for 140 euros - it was until recently a limit of my dreams, and the most important - opportunities. For these six days, carried out in traveling across Prague, Dresden, Vienna and Karlovy Vary, I could feel full present Russo of the tourist also was in the seventh heaven.

And still, the truth is spoken, having tasted a little - there is a wish bigger. And me. Having visited a foreign trip and having had heard plenty on the way of talk - who and where already managed to visit, I decided not to stop on travel across the Czech Republic and to make happy with the visit some more countries.

However already could not sell to me, and I should save from a salary not odingod to gather on a similar trip. Service rest on credit too decided not to use. I hate a situation when bought something and even managed to use it, and a year more it is necessary to pay off then.

Having been engaged in search of additional earnings, I peresherstit not one announcement of work with the promise of fast money. But everything was either not so quickly, or it is obviously suspicious. Searches of a side job were stopped after visit of the website of the Forex company - Trend. Inspired trust not only customer reviews of the company, but also the fact that world renowned people (such as the Olympic champion in boxing Vasily Lomachenko) subscribed under reliability and honesty of Forex - Trend, confirming a real possibility of a favorable investment of money.

I do not like to borrow money, but in this case did not keep and borrowed at relatives the large sum for investment on PAMM the accounts of Forex - Trend. It with interest paid off in several months, having given me the chance and a debt to repay, and to gain decent income. Having entrusted money in management to traders on Forex - Trend, I first sincerely worried about an outcome of it, on my initial belief, risky earnings. In total - financial operations in the market Forex not only highly profitable, but also high-risky. But, having got acquainted on the broker Forex website - Trend with a unique product of PAMM 2. 0, the developed Forex - Trend, I understood that the managing director also risks the money, as well as the investor. Therefore it is logical that traders, to the accounts of which I joined PAMM, have special personal interest in successfully to work and get profit. Besides, money is under my constant control. The managing director can only involve my investments in trade operations, but has no remove their right. If something does not suit me in trade of the trader, - I at any time can stop cooperation. Such conditions warmed soul and inspired trust!

My start in an investment field on Forex was successful - I was among those 18 million tourists who annually spend the holidays in sea cruises.

South America waited and attracted me. 18 days and 17 nights flew by as one instant. While my compatriots met New year, were eaten off, slept off, managed to work and again to sit down at a holiday table for Christmas, again to work and meet Old New year, I enjoyed the nature and sights of Argentina, Antarctic, Uruguay, the Falkland Islands and Chile, without forgetting to luxuriate in sea waves on local beaches. The smart light cabin with a balcony for this time became my second house. And all this happiness - for $6699.

Myself surprisingly I found out that my appetites are insatiable! Having learned that round-the-world travel, as a rule, are considered as the most expensive cruises, I defined to myself a new level - I will surely spend the following New Year`s holidays in circumnavigation, but now - with the wife! I even already decided on round - To coast of Australia through South America - chose one of the shortest (that at work less problems were) - 45 days. For $9999 from everyone. Since January 6, 2012 - meet us, Fort Lauderdale - Rio - - Zhaneyro - Easter Island - Pago - Pago - Sydney and all others who do not know yet how many the ordinary Zaporozhets can earn from Forex!