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And whether you know language a web - statistics?

Hello, dear reader! Today I want to tell you about statistics for a web - the websites, to be exact about its language.

Yes, at a web - statistics there is the language and before beginning to collect data from the website, it would be desirable to learn this language. Usually like to use this language at forums, blogs, articles, in programs of statistics and. etc. Talking to forums, I noticed that some people use this language, and do not understand what they speak about. From - for it there are various unpleasant situations: since problems in communication and finishing with the fact that absolutely nothing works for them. And, apparently, it is necessary to learn only language and everything will be normal. But in some measure I understand these people, they just have no such opportunity, there is no necessary information. But you were lucky more: in this article you will be able to learn the main words of this language. So, we read, we get acquainted and freely we communicate. Let`s start.

We will begin with the most used concepts hit and host . Many people brag that gather a huge number of hits. I hurry to please you that the quantity of hits still means nothing and to draw sudden conclusions still early. At each loading a web - pages to the ravine - the file on the server registers a hit (from English hit - hit). In different systems this parameter can be called differently: display , viewing or loading . But we will call it just a hit. It represents the " variable; " counter; which value every time increases on 1. But hits register not only when it was loaded a web - the page. When on the page there are drawings, they are loaded as separate files, and for each loaded drawing one hit will be added.

We will assume that we have a web - the page which contains three drawings. After its loading will be it is added 4 hits: one for the page and three for drawings. Thus, it is possible to draw a conclusion that the quantity of hits is not the number of visitors and information which they give, not such significant. Many do not understand it and at forums inscriptions similar to this appear: My counter showed me that I have 256 hits, means my website was visited by 256 visitors . No! It in a root is wrong.

Another matter an indicator of number of sessions , or of number of unique visitors ( a host ) - all this words which mean the same concept.

Separate (unique) visit - visit of the website by one person during the set time (usually 1 day). I.e. irrespective of how many times this user visited your website and how many it opened pages, it will be considered only once.

Here already tries to count the counter how many specifically people visited the website. If the same person visited your website three times, then the counter will show only one host. by

to Make it happens not so - that simply. The matter is that those people who have no continuous access to the Internet (and their considerable quantity) have also no constant IP address. Every time when they dial to provider to get Internet access, is appropriated to them new IP. Thus the same person can visit your website, then be separated and try to come repeatedly and it there will already be two different persons. But do not worry, there are also other ways to find the visitor. But now we will not go into technical details of how to make it. It is already a subject absolutely of other article.

I mentioned an interesting abbreviation of IP above . I believe that among readers of this article there can be people who do not know what is it. Especially for such people my explanation. Any computer connected to the Network and the person interested to communicate with other computers, has to have the unique address IP. If this address was not, then, as if then it was found by other computers? The IP address approximately here so looks:

127. 12. 232. 78

That is meant by these figures, already technical subtleties, for collecting statistics it is not obligatory for you to understand it. The special program has to understand it.

Audience (the number of users) the website - the number of visitors who saw the website during certain time (day, month, year, and. etc.)

One more definition which very often meets in the Network. A referral - a web - the page with which according to the reference the visitor came. Let`s say that at any forum there is a reference to your website. This page will be a referral. Thus, we can learn from what websites visitors come to your website. Also it gives information on what websites refer to you and where it is the most favorable to leave references.

Popular pages - a web - pages which have the maximum number of viewings among other pages of the website.

Ways of visitors on the website is that sequence of viewing of pages of the website in which they are checked by visitors. For example, at first the user visited the main page, then he passed to the page with books, and the last place where it was - the section of articles. As a result the way of the visitor can look approximately thus: Index. html-> book. html-> stati. html. This parameter is rather important.

And the last definition which it is desirable for you to know - keywords and phrases are those words and phrases according to which visitors find your website through search engines.

As you can see, words not so there is a lot of. If further to you one of these words meets, and you will not know its value, can open this article and look that it means. I hope that, having read this article, you learned, something new to myself. If this is so, then my task is carried out.

of Progress and good to you statistics indicators.