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How 6 home decoration can change the image of your house?

the Interior of any housing, whether it be the small apartment or a magnificent mansion, will become interesting and memorable in case at it there are certain original accents. It is quite simple to pick up them, it is worth showing the imagination only a little.

For the apartment overflowed with a set of memorable souvenirs where there are many books, at the same time functional and extraordinary decision. The Russian designer and the architect Evgeny Polyantsev was engaged in creation of furniture for one of the customers. Including, its task was to develop design of a case for a collection of books which were very expensive to the customer. Also the idea came - regiments should not be horizontal that the asymmetry emphasized their eccentricity.

the Mosaic of chaotically located surfaces which are not giving in to any logic of symmetry will decorate any room.

A bright center point of the room will become beskarkasny a chair - a pear . The unpretentiousness of its soft design capable to adapt under any shapes of a body, convenient mobility, and also existence of a motley coloring with fashionable prints is a safe decision in decoration of an interior.

The Beskarkasny furniture is the popular and modern form of furniture made of fabric and filled with light and hypoallergenic material - small balls of the made foam polystyrene. Such furniture has the mass of advantages and advantages. Mobility: you can freely transport it in a car luggage carrier on the dacha or take with yourself on picnic. Comfort: the padded stool is made in such a way that load of a form is evenly distributed, and each centimeter of the body sitting receives the support. Padded stools are the best furniture for a relaxation on which your body has really a rest.

Padded stools are unpretentious and do not demand special leaving. The top cover is removable and is easily erased in the machine at a temperature no more than 40 degrees. Over time granules of polystyrene can decrease in volume, and, perhaps, through some time it will be required to fill up them. Speed of shrinkage depends on the weight sitting and the frequency of use of a padded stool. It is possible to order separately the additional volume of a filler or a cover with any unique print from the catalog.

If eyes is a window to the soul mirrors are eyes of the house. A set from mirrors - a stylish highlight of an interior. A variety of the smooth mirror forms framed in worthy frames will change an interior and will visually expand space.

The lamp of Yogas draws attention with the intricate form reminding the meditating person. It radiates the muffled light, despite a bright plafond, and suggests a quiet thoughtful idea. For whom this lamp? For those who look for harmony in simple things. And for those who thought now: Light around the yogi - it is not casual .

An ashtray the Oscar - that chance when it is possible to feel a celebrity. It is pleasant to realize that attribute with which is associated red carpet will be daily pleasing to the eye.

Hours of the Mathematician of SALE will be unusual attribute and, at the same time, an intellectual target of a house study due to the original design. At a leisure it is possible to solve couple of problems located on the dial. In all the rest it is usual hours, however they for certain will draw attention of visitors of an office in which are.

The stylish interior is a hallmark of the house therefore it is necessary to approach its creation not only carefully, but also is creative!