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Who will keep our health? Saint Ekaterina and Catherine the Great !

to Admit frankly, often our treatment cleans only the external, most disturbing illness symptoms, and the deep reasons of deviations in a state of health stay behind scenes.

We drink and we drink habitual tablets which quickly help As a result organism signals of internal trouble just are suppressed, and serious violations in its work continue to develop and are shown by more difficult or chronic diseases subsequently.

Yes such that the classical medicine sometimes reaches a deadlock but then it is come to the rescue by medicine homeopathic.

The homeopathy as a method of treatment was based by the German doctor Samyuel Ganeman at the beginning of the 19th century. Its main principle - Similia similibus curentur Similar is treated by similar use is insignificant small doses of those substances which in big concentration cause the symptoms similar to illness symptoms.

It absolutely other relation to life and health. This vision of the world as one big system in general. The homeopathist`s purpose - to treat not separately heart, a liver or nervous system, and all human body taking into account his specific features, to regulate the debalanced interrelation of bodies and systems. Homeopathic remedies make active own protective forces of an organism and influence not harmful bacteria and viruses, and the reason of developing of an illness.

At the same time miracle homeopathic medicines not only heal a body, but also, normalizing power of the person, bring rest in soul, harmony in the family relations, increase resistance to stress, perfectly cope with difficult characters, with the destroying feelings of fault, anger, offense... Many diseases begin with negative emotions, with inability to cope with problems.

The wisest approach to protection of health as practice showed, is a complex combination of treatment by both homeopathy, and means of the academic medicine (traditional treatment opposite ) . In a number of sharp cases not to do without it in any way.

This principle capable to give to patients the maximum medical effect and optimum result formed the basis of organizing work of the CEO of Homoeopathic Service of Krasnodar Krai, the head of the regional Center of homeopathy, the honored worker of health care of Kuban, the owner of a rank The Best manager of Europe and a number of honourable titles of Korvyakova Olga Aleksandrovna.

The true Temple of Health - the uniform " complex; Catherine the Great (drugstore of the academic medicine) and Saint Ekaterina (a homeopathic drugstore) - it is created in Krasnodar, in a magnificent housing estate Brigantine on Kubanskaya Embankment St., 31/1 (between Mira St. and Komsomolskaya St.) where all possible nuances providing comfortable service and convenience of clients are considered.

The magnificent palace interior of drugstores is sustained in style of an era of Catherine II. The refined furniture of walls creates the high spirits promoting a harmonious internal spirit and already in a drugstore focuses on recovery. On the convenient parking provided especially for visitors it is always possible to find an empty seat.

The fact that in drugstores " is remarkable; Saint Ekaterina and Catherine the Great highly skilled doctors conduct free advisory reception: homeopathists, pediatricians, therapists and dermatovenerologists. Without turns and hassles they will recommend to clients effective and safe treatment including homeopathic, will help to recover the lost health by means of the natural preparations presented by the nature. The magnificent cosmetics will make you irresistible.

Search and selection of drugs turns for patients into the pleasant, comfortable, giving pleasure occupation. Effective homeopathic medicines which quality is known far outside Krasnodar Krai and even abroad, are made here, in the Center. Also homeopathic remedies of many other leading producers of Russia and the abroad, a wide choice of traditional medicines, food additives, baby food, objects of leaving and medical cosmetics are presented to attention of visitors.

15 - go and 25 - go numbers of every month a discount of 15% for all range of drugstores. Phone for reference 8 (861) 278 03 84.

Is here and paid services, the system of discounts, discount cards works.

In the polyclinic office of the Krasnodar regional center of homeopathy accepting the patients 15 years the most advanced techniques of diagnostics and improvement - elektropunkturny diagnostics by Foll`s method, bioresonant therapy, a pulsogemoindikation, on arms of physicians the most modern equipment are used.

To services of clients - an opportunity to choose preparations and to make the Internet - the order on the website of the www Center. homeopaty. ru.

Krasnodar complex of drugstores Saint Ekaterina and Catherine the Great - the result of long-term work of Olga Aleksandrovna Korvyakova, talented woman - the head, the doctor of pharmaceutical sciences, professor - became the embodiment of maternal care of people, professional approach to a problem of improvement of the nation.

If the similar Centers of Health with an integrated approach to selection of medicines and treatment appear in all cities of Russia, the unsuccessful situation about a state of health of Russians will become more optimistical.

That life did not seem difficult, boring, uninteresting that there was a wish to look good, travel, please relatives... yes much still to what a wish arose - good luck! Physically and spiritually.