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What is the Dancing chair or How to keep a healthy backbone?

Inactive way of life. How many pisano - govoreno about his insidiousness! However today`s habitual life does not allow to change a situation noticeably.

Problems with a backbone in the conditions of inevitable sedentary work - studies pass only units of the heroic lucky having time and desire purposefully persistently, daily to swing muscles of a back and to monitor vigilantly statement of the case.

And to the majority of us in the conditions of a time trouble there is categorically not enough will power to undertake concrete care of the physical shape. Need of it understands as if everyone, but we are going to start regular trainings most often since Monday and - we postpone everything (or with enthusiasm it is begun, but very quickly we throw). Consequences, unpleasant for health, are shown usually far not at once and not obviously.

Discomfortable feelings in a back, a neck, shoulders, a waist gradually become habitual, we almost do not pay to them attention. At first it is just inconvenient, we obviously feel abnormality of a pose - the shoulders which fell forward, the crooked back, unnaturally intense neck - but to us not before. We are busy. And - we suffer

Then when pain appears, all of us - try to stretch, develop shoulders and to hold a back - exactly until we control it consciously. But as soon as we plunge into work again and we forget about need to constantly hold a backbone to straight lines, shoulders again habitually fall, the back skryuchivatsya by

I - hi, all-powerful scoliosis! And together with it and an array of problems with health, including psychological.

What to do? It is impossible to think all day of a back!

And the decision is! Or rather, quite recently appeared! It is the Dancing chair.

Here it. It would seem, usual modern office chair. You sit down and Oh - oh! Try - on it still to keep He dances under you! Together with you!

This game by all means raises a smile. Wow! I will keep - I will not keep? Aha! Balance is found. Ooh, you! New, unusual, but comfortable feeling. The short intervertebral muscles and disks which fell down to this day begin to work.

The backbone comes to life! The vestibular mechanism wakes up, and together with it shoulders finish, the neck becomes straight, the back is unbent - from nowhere, the beautiful regal bearing appears!

And that the most interesting - the correct posture remains without conscious efforts of the owner all the time while the person sits on a miracle chair.

It what turns out? Just sit down on a special chair - and process of correction of a bearing went by itself? Yes! The backbone begins to work, play, dance imperceptibly - and is warmed. And time trains a backbone - also all organism is revitalized. Vital energy pleasantly spreads on all body

A a design - that miracle - a chair (the newest invention of the Russian experts) not so difficult, but all ingenious. It is the difficult device which is not turning on in a network stuffed with electronics, this is not the mechanical horse striving to shake the stood gaping horseman, it only the mobile not overturning seat on one hinged point of support. It would seem, only del But effect!

This chair, supporting natural healthy position of a backbone, neutralizes the negative preventing to feel happy, - the stressful operating modes and studies driving negative emotions into the deadlock of depressions, the compelled obezdvizhennost which is switching off from active life in a sedentary pose, syndrome of chronic fatigue and the hopeless stoop following from this and loss of self-confidence.

And not only.

Comfortable correct position of a body during sitting cleans muscular clips, returns mobility to joints, normalizes blood circulation of all systems of an organism, levels power - so, recovers health and active longevity.

But the most surprising that to sit on the dancing chair is simply tiresome, and absolutely on the contrary! It is worth getting used a little - and and the unusual chair quickly ceases to distract from affairs, and by the end of the working day of people feels not tired, but well rested, full of strength.

Of course, there are most various ways to remove stress: massage, the pool, gymnastics, fitness, velnes, aerobics, shaping, bodybuilding, a stretching, a toning, a kallanetika, Pilates, and still bowling, curling, squash, vinchuy, yoga, to a kunf, wushu, taych - Zi, chuan, a chi kung All this is very healthy when there is opportunity regularly and to specially spend for a physical body of favourite, apart from monthly sums of money, at least a two-three of hours in day.

And the Dancing chair does the good deed in operating time, involuntarily, without forcing to remember a bearing specially.

Down with fatigue, away a depression! Let`s live, dancing!