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Whose gold is better?

to Answer this question unambiguously difficult. Gold - one of precious metals which very long time, almost until the end of the 18th century was two - gold and silver. At a boundary of the XVIII-XIX centuries to them platinum and four of its satellites increased: rhodium, palladium, osmium and iridium. And its fifth satellite - the ruthenium discovered in 1844.

In the Russian Federation for gold tests are established: 375, 500, 583, 750, and 958. In this metric system of tests the first two figures speak about percentage of precious metal in 1000 parts of an alloy. For example: 750 - I am test - maintenance of pure gold of 75%, other 25% - the impurity metals which are besides gold a part of an alloy call them - a ligature. by

In England, the USA, Switzerland and some other countries uses karat system of tests. Test of pure metal is taken for 24 carats (test of 1000). Thus, the 958th test corresponds 23 - karat, 750 - 18, 585 - 14 - karat. In general, gold meets in the nature almost only in a native state, in the form of the fine grains interspersed in quartz or in quartz sand. All compounds of gold easily decay when heating with release of metal gold. It is known that gold is applied not only to creation of jewelry, but also in the glass industry, to creation of the chemical equipment, in medicine and the photo. But us as consumers, of course, are interested in gold jewelry.

Gold 585 of test designates a gold alloy with other metals concerning 585 to 415. That is from 1000 grams of an alloy of gold 585 of test 585 grams of gold, and other 415 grams - other metals (ligature) turn out. It was revealed several millennia ago that the best ligature is a silver and copper. These metals improve all physical characteristics of an alloy. Pure gold very soft, is subject to fast attrition, and products from it are easily torn.

Often we hear: this gold - Turkish, is Italian, and it is Russian.

Ya for the first time thought of it, having got on the huge market of gold jewelry in Yerevan where gold is brought, of course, from Turkey. It was much cheaper, than at us in Russia. And at first sight not too bad at all. But penny-wise and pound-foolish. No, not everything that there is - a fake, but the small screw on a gold watch with diamonds in few months darkened... Offensively. On the other hand, what I wanted... Then I promised, not to buy the Turkish gold... But I did not know what, appears, of the Turkish gold does not happen because it is not got there! And that, for that matter, except the Russian gold, it is possible to tell - Australian and it is southern - the African gold. Actually, if to take absolutely pure gold, then there are no ways of definition of a source of its origin!

But all - concepts about gold belonging to this or that territory are available. But from where they undertake? Under Russian traditionally understand gold with a reddish shade, and here in Europe gold yellowish . The reddish shade turns out if the ligature consists in the most part of copper, and yellow - from silver. And all these traditions go from an extreme antiquity.

About Turkish . When in Russia reorganization began and hungry Russians rushed to master open spaces of our Earth... It now, apparently, that everything is already visited and is known, but then Turkey attracted unprecedented colors, smells and goods... But gold - that there yellow. And Russians got used to red. Also Turks began to add one copper to gold, without silver. Respectively, it became much easier, by sight - an ordinary medyashka, but really holds test. While in Russia make lethal, tyazhelyushchy products (remember a grandmother`s wedding ring). But the world on the place is not necessary, and in Turkey firms which began to do gold of red color, habitual for us, that is of an alloy of gold, silver and copper survived. Yes, and why say that Turkish " gold; - bad? For example, Germans so do not consider, and, being in Turkey, it is always possible to meet the German covered by gold as native...

And what in the east? the East - business thin. Neither in China, nor in Japan it is not permissible to use alloys - give them the pure gold, platinum. But such products are torn at a sock. And here they do not carry them, and store in caskets as family relics... Yes, it is lovely... whether

It is worth trusting if they saw in shop a ringlet from usual gold with white tops that it is platinum? Platinum is the very serious metal which is difficult giving in to processing with very high temperature of melting. Therefore also its price grows by 8 times! And the fact that usually call platinum - most likely white gold, or a covering from precious metal of rhodium.

White gold 585 of test consists of 585 parts of gold and a ligature which part either palladium, or nickel are. It also gives to an alloy a white shade. If the ligature with palladium, an alloy has is white - a steel shade if with nickel, slightly yellowish and if this rhodic covering, a product gives cold blueness. Platinum cost in a product from 40 - 100 dollars for gram!

In what difference 583 from the 585th test? In the USSR all products were taken from gold 583 samples. But times changed, Russia began to aspire to the West, and test the 14th carat in the West is in use. That is in an alloy from 24 parts - 14 parts of gold, and 10 - ligatures. But if to divide 14 on 24, then 0,5833333 will turn out. And earlier also rounded in the lowest party to 583. When the West did not want to buy such gold, or reduced strongly the price then Russians decided and took the 585th samples as the main standard. Still difference that on gold 583 about test the star whereas on 585 - is more often so-called " still meets; kokoshnik . Different ways of its registration - in the form of a relief sculpture, scratched by a needle meet, or it is drawn in the special way.

The country - the legislator of jeweler fashions is Italy so far. But Hong Kong literally comes it on heels . In Malaysia the huge number of the Chinese factories opens. The Chinese platinum collections are fine things, design which so far, maybe, yet not the best, but products have faultless quality.

What it is possible to tell: whose gold is better? Probably, all - to define whose - incorrectly, it is just necessary to watch attentively test and to choose what is pleasant, and better in specialized shops. Now you know that if the reddish shade - that prevails a copper ligature, yellowish - silver. And platinum cannot cost as much how many usual gold. Good luck to you!!!