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How to receive more visitors on the website

Now business even more often develops on the Internet. And one of profitable affairs is a creation of own website. Except profit, there is a set of other pluses. For example, you do not need to go for work, to employ personnel, to pay money for a tenancy, to pay taxes and so on. You just work at home, managing the website and updating it. As well as any kind of business, own website will begin to make profit not at once, and over time. Of course, a lot of time and forces will be required, but the result is worth it.

All owners of the websites and blogs ask the same question: How to untwist the website? Promotion of the website happens differently. For a start it is necessary to choose a website cursor. One of the most widespread cursors is WordPress. This cursor very well is suitable for advance of the website in search engines. Main, it is correct to adjust it.

So if you created the website or the blog on WordPress, then you begin to think of how to lift tITs, to bring it in search engine for indexation and just to attract visitors. Many doubt whether there is a sense to make investments and forces, suddenly the website and will remain unnoticed?

First of all, it is necessary to reject doubts and to begin to be engaged in the website. The it is more, the quicker you untwist it, the better. Every year the competition increases. After that it is necessary to create the website or the blog, to place in it material. At least, you have to have five articles, the section Contacts and section About us . Without it many resources can reject your website.

After that it is possible to begin to be engaged in promotion of the website. For a start install plug-ins. For example, the plug-in of All in One SEO Pack will help you to optimize metatags. The plug-in of Feedburner Feedsmith directs a RSS tape to Feedburner. com. It is very important. Google Sitemaps will improve completeness of indexation by means of Google map. For protection against spam you need a plug-in of MaxSite Anti Spam Image which will provide you with the picture with figures at placement of comments. To optimize numbers of pages, you need RusToLat plug-in. For a conclusion of paginal navigation, WP - PageNavi is necessary.

After installation of a plug-in it is necessary to place your website in search engine. It is possible to make it on the different websites, for example, Yandex, Rambler etc. of

after that it is necessary to register the account in a Google service of Webmaster and Service of webmasters of Yandex. Then we add the websites to these accounts, and we confirm that are their owners.

We will use Feedburner Feedsmith, and we will add the RSS feed. These tapes help faster information transfer in search that on your website new information appeared. Do not forget to add your website to ratings of the websites. For this purpose there are special services. After that it is necessary to accelerate indexation of the website.

So if you have a desire to create the website and to untwist the website, then it is not necessary to be afraid. Perhaps, a lot of things not to leave from the first. But over time, you will learn more and more useful information. And only by means of patience and desire you will be able to create and untwist the own website.