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What do you afford?

Sometimes an illness of the loved one - the only way to force his this love to accept...

I here estimated that sometime, of course, I will be old and ailing. And, maybe, I will even forget that my name is Lyubov. And I will allow relatives to look after me and to surround me with care as they will want.

I ALLOW MYSELF to accept magnificent care of the children, grandsons (and, I hope, a pra by then - a pra - great-grandsons). Because I consider them clever, strong, successful and capable of this luxury - both in feelings, and in finance.

And right now, reading, I am sure, someone convulsively sighs and says: it was lucky it, and I here cannot even postpone for an old age, I still need to be helped my children / parents...

And it means that YOU DID NOT HEAR me!!!

Business at all not in what your children or parents. The matter is that YOU missile defense THEM THINK that they without you are not capable to cope with vital circumstances. Opposite option from the same row - that you will not live for anything without their help.

Not so long ago we sorted a similar situation with one my client, very bright and exclusively talented woman who cannot get out to financial freedom in any way. When we began to make the list of on what it needs money, point the first stood: to help the son who married recently, to buy the apartment.

I am direct I am stunned by such statement of a question. And what, I ask, the son the disabled person minor? Well, full age. And with hands - legs - the head and other bodies, time married, too everything is all right.

Then you - that why postpone the life, and solve its problems? Because he will never buy it and it is a pity for him. Question why married if is not able to provide a family it is not even discussed.

Once again: pay attention as the person drives into a corner not only himself, but also the relatives only because considers that relatives are incapacitated!

I will not sort here many other cases of the relations of parents and children when one party considers either itself, or other party helpless, and all diligently play this game of sacrifice.

And now present what powerful negative resonance you create with the partners in this game of which it is almost impossible to get out. Because if any party is not capable to provide itself, then the Universe also will not give...

There is one more very cunning trick of mind which on a surface to pull out very difficult because it is connected with public installations and personal stereotypes. When everything that you earn, leaves on keeping of relatives and distribution of debts, sooner or later you are tired of it. it does not make sense to Earn

because you work more, and remains to you less. And... you cease to earn though you try more and more. Or in general you remain without means of support. When you have nothing, then people around demand nothing, and, on the contrary, help you. Here so adult children cannot get down from a parental neck in any way.

And the only way to resolve this situation - to realize that children are already quite capable to support themselves that you grew up quite sane citizens, and everything that is necessary from you, - is simple to believe in them, to present their successful and happy and to release in own swimming.

And to you to take care of the own life.

Eventually to leash the family it is selfish. Because you can die, and here then they who got used that you for them did everything really will fly in problems.

It is not casual at most of participants of training " at all; The woman, well lift, at last, your money husbands, relatives and friends suddenly begin to solve on time the financial problems as soon as our treasure-hunters miss them from - under the vigilant eye.

What, you will tell, now not to help at all? And as...

No not to help, I will answer you. To share. To make gifts. Magnificent. From generosity, with pleasure, but not from the fact that someone is ailing and of something it is incapable.

If share with you - accept with gratitude because you it are worthy, but not because beggars also wallowed in need.

Actions can be the same, sense opposite. I share as the rich person. I accept wealth, but not donations, and I create it pro-accuracy, and then the wealth becomes even more...

You will work these and many other blocks in the relations with wealth on training Baikal dengopad where I invite you from August 17 to August 24.

Details here: com/2011/06/12/bajkalskij - dengopad /

P. S. While wrote these lines, my client was knocked on Skype. It had difficult relations with the adult daughter who as if could not find work and lived at her expense:

Liouba, hello! I cannot but share with YOU the pleasure and happiness!! ((h))

After session and after trainings happened to you just miracles which proceed to this day! I made everything as we solved. Result - the conflict and I turned out the beloved daughter! The people were shocked, it too, and I am quiet!

everything very much changed Then sharply. Now at it 2 (!!) income source. It went to Sweden for a week with the favourite boy! And tomorrow goes to Bulgaria for work for all summer! The relations at us with it - the miracle is simple!

Ya: Here - here. And I what told? We brake

It: only when you will understand, inside it is direct a bulb also all lights up - everything clearly! But!! the push all the same is necessary...

of com/2011/06/12/bajkalskij - dengopad /

P. P. S. As the number of participants is limited to accommodation opportunities, there were only 8 places. So hurry up if you need a tender push too to include a bulb in transition to other level of the relations with reality))).

com/2011/06/12/bajkalskij - dengopad /