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Whether it is necessary to experiment in a bed?

For certain to you often were necessary to face statements it seems: Monotony in a bed leads to fast cooling of feelings Continuous experiment - the only way not to turn occupation by love into a duty, burdensome for both parties, Kama Sutra has to become your reference book etc. As far as they are fair? And whether it is worth avoiding intentionally favourite and traditional poses in a bed and to arrange an infinite sexual marathon of experiments and acrobatic numbers?

Certainly, experiment in a bed is necessary. How still you with darling will be able to understand each other? What caress and poses are pleasant to you and that for you it is absolutely unacceptable, difficult to find out, previously without having tried. But experience is put to draw conclusions. For example, if you got used to be limited to a cup of coffee and yogurt in the mornings, then attempt to eat a huge portion of fat rich pilaf, most likely, will end is deplorable. Also and in sex.

Over time each couple has a favourite sexual repertoire where the verified ways give them pleasure. The technology of intimate relations fulfilled, checked in practice often guarantees pleasure proximity, according to sexologists. As a rule, we cannot but agree with them. If your beloved prefers in a bed gentle and tender whispering in an ear, then it is not necessary to experiment with sharp and strong words of the " type; Take me, the wretch . Similar experiments at best will raise at it a smile or easy bewilderment: Who taught her to it?

Constant novelty too, eventually, can bother. Really you are obliged how the diligent schoolgirl, the paragraph behind the paragraph to study intimate grants, and then to put knowledge into practice? Agree, such sex reminds a boring duty. It is not necessary to set to itself any program - you with darling risk to lose in general interest in the intimate party of the life. When thoughts are occupied only with whether under the correct corner you straightened a back, it is absolutely impossible to relax pleasure. You will not take, and here will earn various complexes easily!

Very often for an educational program you watch erotic movies where in intimate scenes heroes - lovers dexterously cope with it in a narrow shower cabin or on a rigid kitchen table. Diligently you remember all above-what was seen and you repeat with darling these feats in usual real life. And you are disappointed! Unfortunately, experiments in a bathroom or in the pool are not such unearthly pleasures in life. Here that you also begin to ask a question: Perhaps with me something not so? But I hurry to calm: with you all so.

Yes, it is romantic, it is even unusual, but on feelings leaves quite poorly. Why? It concerns various factors of each individual. In each situation of feeling indulge differently. I will give one example. As for favourite television heroes of a kitchen table, after it fields of love there are bruises and attritions

What, turns out, to bring a variety intimate relations harmfully? Of course, no! Experiment on health, but only when both of you wish it. Admit, quite often you with darling have a passionate desire to make something magnificent. So do not refuse to yourself pleasure! But it is better if your wild behavior are a brilliant impromptu, but not planned action. Here when the real festival of love will take place!

And tomorrow there will come quiet everyday life with the small pleasures again. And harmony with, darling, and with the whole world - whether this not real happiness? I wish all good luck, there is nothing itself do not limit. Love and be loved!