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Who at you the owner - laziness dog or will?

Author of article: Yana Vorozhun

In the morning early I wake up. Only the sun in a window glanced. All family sleeps. We dress a brand new suit, we pull sneakers, having hardly slightly opened eyes and forward on jog! And air fresh, the nature, the city spills. And I run, I run. Already eyes open, puffing is replaced by equal deep breath I am one, absolutely alone. Also it is happy in the company with itself, with the road on which I no, do not run, and I fly, I soar. With me it is only expensive, it from me needs nothing. To it all the same what suit on me as I look, what thoughts at me Wind inflates hair, lungs are filled with oxygen. With each step, each meter it becomes easier. Both it is already absolutely easy, free, joyful and it is quiet. As it is good! There is a will power I come back home. Here all still. Land of Nod. I come into the room Who it interestingly sleeps on my sofa My god, so same I! So it was only the dream? Dream, desire, dream . call as you want, the essence does not change. You will not lift a bottom from a sofa yet, you will not collect will power in a fist, you will not thrust the laziness into that familiar spot, nobody will make it for you, nobody will solve a problem of excess weight, osteochondrosis etc. of

Who at you the owner - laziness dog or will?

For what to you to go to a gym? Why to scoff at the body ? For what purpose you gather to torment itself with these pieces of iron and dumbbells ? To become as Claudia Schifer and for the first time to marry or, maybe, to obtain a breast of the 5th size at yours 1. An essence not in it, it is possible, well, almost everything. Can behind the weight of your dream. How at the girlfriend of 53 kg? It is not important that the girlfriend has growth 160 with a cap and on heels. Here I should get into a dress, nasmotret at an exhibition at a discount. And it is necessary to get by the wedding day of the girlfriend, in a month. And it is not important that you gave a stomach feast to yourself year, and even two, but were going to grow thin in a month.

You approach the trainer and you ask:

- Tell - please, whether I can grow thin and become supermodel?

- Yes, you can.

- And how?

- It is necessary to be engaged every day.

Here laziness whispers to us: if now tells that it is more than 5 minutes in day and more than once in a week, then not for me. There is no time. Work, I am tired much, to reach long, and there are so much affairs of the house in the evening, children, the husband.

- And how long it is necessary to be engaged?

- Year, two.

- About - about - about


- Well, everything, expensive, it is free. Let`s go home!

Ladnenko, here we still will cock at our laziness a snook, type, wait, we will look che further - that will be. Training begins. After the first 15 minutes you have a fight of laziness and your will inside.


- About - about - oh, how many there on hours, 15 minutes? Oh - oh, how many? Not the trainer, but some sadist.


- And time, two, three, four.... give, give, move a bottom, native.

Then your laziness, begins attack on all fronts:

- Look around, on the street, in the subway. What all perhaps are engaged? No, it would be full to the people. Vaughan Tanka is not engaged and is happy in 100 kg. And me why, main thing not appearance, and that inside!

Volya does not give up:

- Give, give, remember the dream. An inner world - it is good. But also the body should be kept in an order.

Here laziness already blows on ears:

You look in what time you live. The gym - it became already outdated. Vaughan, on a TV set, how many advertizing. Tablets, ointments. With Kremik it was smeared, pulled panties, for weight loss which, went to bed, and for the morning you are a ballerina in glory peak. And ate a tablet for breakfast from coffee and it is possible to please day of with hamburgers with candies. The Sweetie, to bio - the " system; - the aunty from advertizing invites.

And all. More you will already not come to training. Hurrah. your laziness won.

Or other option

the Girlfriend calls you to the hall herself many months. Here your laziness accepts a role of your ally. Whispers to you, whispers:

You were so tired today, worked so much. Well, one day earlier, one day later. Here you will begin next week with new forces. (the same on a subject about healthy nutrition and STOP to a gluttony)

Laziness acts as your ally. You feel what will be tomorrow? Yes, you know.

Laziness is an aspiration to rest. Rest aspires to the highest ideal - eternal rest. And it is already death in a miniature.

So, begin to act here and now. Do not wait for special conditions, time, weather. And if you have no time to take care of the own life if you do not like conditions, know - It LAZINESS in beautiful packing with a big pink bow presents you a portion of rest, and rest is... You remember?

Work on yourself, develop in yourself will. Also be vigilant. Laziness will always find an occasion to stop training.

You noticed how during training your muscles speak to you - Oh, any more I cannot, now the leg will fall off.

And your will:

- It is necessary, it is necessary!

The real training begins when you do over yourself effort and through I do not want you carry out some more repetitions of exercise. In other case, you train lack of will, weakness and encourage laziness. And you do it with constancy in time specially allotted for this purpose.

Or you go forward, or are rolled away back. The daily victory over laziness trains will, and the laziness concession - develops it. Everything, another is not given!

People give a heap of justifications of the " type all the time; I work I have a child I have occupations at school, institute etc. . The only thing that I can tell on it: To us only one body for the rest of life " is given;. There is no time - stop sitting at the TV or to stir with friends. It is necessary to concentrate at work or study? Forty five minutes on the hall - and at you are absolutely clear head. You want to spend more time with children? Try occupations which will extend and will improve your life, and your children will be grateful to you for it. And if you sit with absolutely small child, then it in general the best time to take care of the own life.

Think, ladies and gentlemen. Who at you the owner - will or laziness?