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Spring behind... and I did not grow thin. How to be?

For some reason among the growing thin ladies it is accepted to try especially by summer, is more rare - by spring and spring holiday. The organism itself gets rid of couple of kilograms by a warm season, and any of us will agree to help it. Diets, motivation, new things, salons, fitness - clubs - approach goes on all velness - to fronts.

But, alas, often happens so that outside June, and kilograms did not leave. This heavy disappointment as a hobby, feeding hope. Often failure in fight for ease provokes us to aggravation of a situation - having left dreams about 40 - m the size, we can nayest from a grief ten more of kilograms.

So to do if kilograms did not leave, and a depression already on a threshold?

Several simple steps on disposal of sad thoughts, a raising of a self-assessment and self-esteem. For a start it is necessary to understand what in this situation upsets us most of all? Or it is appearance which as it seems to us, did not improve though had to improve, or it is the fact of a failure, not implementation of plans and hopes. Both more than reparably.

Appearance of the woman is, as we know, not only the weight and forms. If by warm days you did not manage to find desirable volumes, it is not an occasion to be ugly. Try to implement those clauses which will be pleasant to you:

1. Replace a hairdress. Make a hairstyle of which you dreamed long ago, or that, which now at the height of fashion. It will distract you from thoughts of weight and will help to feel is fresh.

2. How it was a pity, we throw out and we give away clothes which were bought on shrinkage and which now only upsets, prolezhivy in a case. Please sisters and girlfriends, and buy new things. A bathing suit, a nice suit for picnics, spacious linen trousers and dresses suitable on a figure - but only all by the size! Expensively? It is necessary to pay at least for the fact that in the spring you showed not enough eagerness not to think of it now.

3. The suntanned body looks more harmonous. Find time for visit of a sunbed (only without fanaticism!) or sunbathe in the open air. It is much more pleasant to show the shoulders and legs gilded on the sun even if they also are not ideal.

4. Be engaged in details of an image: in them your confidence. Update manicure and a pedicure, show consideration for undesirable hairs, think of change of a shape of eyebrows. Pleasures from these trifles so many that you also will forget to think of some there kilograms.

If you are disturbed by another, the personal party your failure then also you should not become despondent. Summer - fine time for continuation of a tendency, nobody says that it is indecent to be engaged in the weight in the summer.

1. In the summer the set of types of active recreation is available. Cyclings, outdoor games, campaigns, pokatushka on rollers. Swimming - the city beach or the pool, refreshes and strengthens muscles. You hesitate to seem in a bathing suit? And at what here a season? Come you to the pool in the winter, it should undress all the same.

2. In the summer on counters vegetables and fruit, and the prices at the same time not such as in the winter are much presented. You should not ignore picnics and shish kebabs at all, but it is necessary to change approach to them. Collect brushwood instead of efforts " around; table play a ball and badminton, try to drink less alcohol (alcohol lifts appetite and provokes to eat us more), try to make vegetables instead of meat on a grill or on skewers.

3. In the summer to the majority of us it is available such fitness - an option as giving. If you like to spend days off at the dacha - use all its resources: swimming in the river, solar bathtubs, a dream in the fresh air, physical exercises on beds. Besides - fresh fruits.

4. Do not forget that the summer heat helps us to lose moisture - so to grow thin.

5. Do not compare the volumes to volumes of your familiar women. Compare them to your parameters in the winter - what to you a difference who, how many weighs? Think of yourself.

The general recommendation for all growing thin and sympathizing - you remember that your beauty is not limited to your volumes. At female nature a set of sides, and weight is only one of parameters which changes several times in a year and which we can always make such what is necessary to us. And the summer is perfect at anything here.