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How to accustom employees to independence?

the Company gathers personnel. Originally, the head of department becomes the main assistant and the consultant of new workers.

At initial stages there are many questions - from actually professional to purely technical - how to change the price in the account . But already there passed enough time, managers came to a normal operating level. But continue to address the head with all arising questions, in the majority of the " level; how many there will be 2+2 who can independently solve quite, qualification allows.

At once it is worth keeping from a false way, to look for the reasons of an illness of lack of independence only in characterologic defects of subordinates. Try to change


Stop to chew . On a question of employees What to do? . Answer: And how you think? . Minimum correct even wrong opinion of the employee. Preserve it only against rough miscalculations.

What you made? Never raise a question to the subordinate in shape: You what, did not know how to make? . Ask What did you make to solve an objective?

Specific objectives, control of result. Set specific objectives for the subordinate and ask result. The problem definition special skill of the head - in competently objective is not present an opportunity to shift the work. An example of an indistinct problem definition - Svetlana, the client H needs to draw up accounts . And another - Svetlana, draw up accounts for the client H, to 12. 30 today. If there are questions, ask .

Do not stimulate the interest for what the employee is obliged to do. Bonuses, awards, all encouragement are for superresult . If the worker is awarded by the principle good guy more than anything quite perhaps, he will quickly lose motive to advance.

Do not strike a bargain. If the employee took the lead and responsibility and failed, will be more than it is unreasonable to bawl him out. It is more effective to sort with the employee of his mistake and to listen to offers on further actions.

Support and encouragement. If you wait from the worker of independence, do not forget to praise him for manifestation of an initiative. Making decisions and going for independent actions, the person risks and is exposed to a stress. At this moment, for it more than ever, encouragement in case of success and support in failures is important.

Negative example: the Company only entered on the market of one of regions. It was followed by a set of work. The part of work was the technical plan - to find the room under a warehouse, office, to agree with rent of halls for performance on promo - actions. All this technical work directly was not connected with primary activity on advance of a product. But nevertheless, it was vital for the solution of the main objectives.

by results of activity of again organized representation the plan of primary activity was implemented. But there was an overexpenditure of the representative means (spent during the organization).

during annual meeting the management noted excess of expenses as negative result. And at all implementation of the plan by newly opened branch did not pay attention to 100%.

Do not allow in collective of a rearrangement of responsibility. the Dependent worker can shift the duties not only to the competent head, but also to active workers in collective. Trace and do not allow such attempts.

There is more responsibility - more freedom. is simple not to punish or forgive the employee`s praise for independence insufficiently. Any independence is responsibility. Shifting the work to others, the employee gets rid not only of necessary activity, but also of responsibility for its result. Freight of responsibility can be compensated, for example, by bigger degree of freedom.

Example: At combine on production of construction materials long time was not possible to find the effective head of crew. Conscientious and competent workers, having received the foreman`s position, quickly lost an initiative and coordinated an expense of each nut with shift supervisors. The decision to transfer an opportunity to dispose of part of financially technical resources to the foreman was made. The head of crew had an opportunity to independently make out orders for overalls, rags, the tool and to distribute it in the crew. At economy of these resources the award was paid to the foreman and workers. Result: At the head of crew the authority among subordinates grew up. Wear of the tool decreased. The foreman independently in the operational mode defined need for overalls.

Eventually: dismiss incompetent . If the employee cannot master the duties for the determined period, it is better to dismiss him. Dismissal not the best way of stimulation of independence, but such method always keeps other personnel in a tone. Besides, the routine in 14% a year does not allow to stand to collective.