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What does the woman want from the man?

Occur opinion that women of much want from men and do not give them any indulgences. It is the myth! actually, women are ready to close eyes to a lot of things, and what women expect from 22 - the summer young man, they never demand from 72 - the summer grandfather.

So what he is an ideal man for the real woman?

At the age of 22 years:

1. Beautiful

2. Charming

3. Financially successful

4. Attentive listener

5. Witty

6. In good physical shape

7. It is stylishly dressed by

8. Appreciates fine

9. It is ready for pleasant surprises

10. The bright, romantic beloved

at the age of 32 years:

1. Looks good

2. Opens automobile doors, gives a chair

3. Has enough money for a good lunch

4. Listens more, than tells

5. Laughs on my jokes

6. Bears packages from an epicure of ease

7. Has at least one

8 tie. Appreciates the good, cooked at home food

9. Remembers birthdays and anniversaries

10. It is ready to the gentle relations at least once a week of

at the age of 42 years

1. Not too ugly and bald head.

2. Does not drive off until I still completely entered the car.

3. It is steadily loaded at work - it is ruined for lunch sometimes.

4. Nods when I speak.

5. Usually remembers highlights of jokes.

6. Is in enough good shape to rearrange furniture.

7. Wears a shirt which closes his stomach.

8. Knows that it is not necessary to buy champagne with the twisted stopper.

9. Does not forget to lower a seat from a toilet bowl.

10. Wick - and has a shave to the majority.

At the age of 52 years

1. Cuts hair in a nose and on ears.

2. Does not belch and does not cut the cheese publicly.

3. Not too often borrows money.

4. Does not fill up when I express the thoughts.

5. Anew too many time does not report the same joke.

6. Is in enough good shape to get down from a sofa to Wick - an enda.

7. Usually changes socks along with underwear.

8. Estimates a good lunch behind viewing of the TV.

9. Remembers my name.

10. Wick - enda has a shave in some.

At the age of 62 years

1. Does not frighten small children.

2. Remembers where a bathroom.

3. Does not demand a lot of money for contents.

4. Only slightly snores in a dream.

5. Remembers why he laughs.

6. Is in enough good shape to rise independently.

7. Usually puts on clothes.

8. Finds pleasant soft foodstuff.

9. Remembers where it left the teeth.

10. Remembers that it is Wick - and.

At the age of 72 years

1. Breathes.

2. Does not miss by a toilet bowl.

Men, make to the women pleasant - do not deceive them expectation!