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In what there can be a reason of male coldness?

Sexual behavior of some women are capable for a long time if not forever to kill an inclination to them. by

Sometimes make impression that men are beings who have always not enough sex, and women, on the contrary, act as the poor creations doomed to nightly performance of matrimonial duties. But it happens and vice versa. It is asked - why? Brought the mistress, ached, it was overstrained at work? Perhaps, and so, but nevertheless instead of seeking the reason elsewhere whether it is better to try to make out it in own family situation?

Perhaps, your darling does not like your sexual behavior, but he does not decide to tell about it. Now I will list several types of women which are capable to damp an ardor even of the most zealous lover. Perhaps someone will see in one of types of.

Commander She precisely knows

how it is necessary to have sex and therefore dictates to the husband what to do and in what sequence. Non-performance of any instructions is fraught with offenses or scandal. On the first place at the women inclined to order in a bed, the word it is necessary while the man wants to make darling pleasant on the initiative, but not on someone`s pointer.

Tired to

At such woman on a face it is written: leave me alone! She always or in a depression, or endures an exacerbation of a chronic disease, or just flat-out from work or occupations as household chores. Sometimes and tired wishes to indulge in carnal joys, but these moments are so rare that the spouse them does not manage to be caught, as a rule.


In a bed behaves as if it can be scattered from one touch. Asks the husband to be accurater because is afraid to pull a back to fall from a bed, to be overexcited, become pregnant, at last. She will never begin to make love if behind a wall someone is even if this someone - her child, sound asleep. If the spouse, wishing to diversify sad sexual life, suggests it to try something brand new, then timid with indignation sweeps aside even the most harmless offers.


Uses sexual proximity for verbal outpourings about everything that collected in her soul in a day or even in the last hour. Minutes of the greatest arrangement of the husband to it seeks to discuss with him all problems, many of which are infinitely far from sex. At the same time talker absolutely forgets about the sex or crumples the " program;. She either cannot, or does not wish to understand that men do not love talk during occupations by love at all, she is surprised why it manages neither conversation, nor sex.


At abundance of means on care of a body, and on any purse, she manages not to watch itself. She claims that the spouse has to love its everyone, but actually just does not respect either herself, or the husband.

All these women are united by one: they treat sex so far as, without seeing the problems causing malfunctions in their sex life. Sex per se does not interest them, it for them not the purpose, but means for the solution of other tasks: to order about the husband, to remove stress, to sort out the relations, to unburden the heart. For this reason sex in their life is practically absent - everything listed can be reached in other ways.

I wish all less problems of such plan. You appreciate and respect the man. It can and not though that, to go from - for you to such victims. Be lovely, cheerful and care for that, darling who for the sake of you is ready to pull up trees. In a word, good luck to you!