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How it is correct to choose the photographer on a wedding or other event?

U of each of us happen the most significant for us an event in life, whether it be a wedding, birthday, housewarming or even a meeting of old friends.

Good photos help to keep the happiest moments for the rest of life. And though each of us can take a camera in hand and make couple of pictures, sometimes it is much better to invite the professional photographer who will take many good pictures from which there will be a whole album devoted to an event, important for you.

When you have not enough time, and it is necessary to invite quickly the adequate photographer to your event, you have three opportunities:

- to ask acquaintances to recommend someone,

- to address to specialized agency,

- to choose the photographer most via the specialized website for the choice of photographers.

Each of these options has several pluses and minuses.

Pluses of the recommendation of acquaintances: When you address acquaintances, you can receive good comments on the photographer who proved so that you can be quiet for quality of its work. Most likely, you will accept punctuality, responsibility, professionalism and creative creativity of the photographer. Receiving the recommendation from acquaintances, you work with the photographer directly, without margins that significantly saves your money.

Minuses of the recommendation of acquaintances: Not always what was pleasant to your friends and acquaintances will be pleasant also to you. This shortcoming can be leveled, having studied a portfolio of the offered photographer. Pay attention to style of photos. However in this option there is one more shortcoming - hardly you will have a wide choice. With it already there`s nothing to be done.

of the Photo: Anastasia Bardayeva
work Pluses through a photo - agency: the Majority of a photo - agencies works more than about ten professional photographers therefore you will have more wide choice. Big agencies value the reputation and usually are punctual and honest partners. The manager of good agency will surely consult you on all questions of the choice of the correct photographer.

Work minuses through a photo - agency: Any photo - the agency incurs costs of office services, automatic telephone exchange, support of the website, marketing, pays salaries to administrators and account managers, puts rate of return in the price of departure of photographers. Therefore this option will cost far dearer two others. It is the main minus of this way. The last minus is that your choice nevertheless is limited by a circle of partners of agency.

The second minus is that not any agency can guarantee qualitative photos at the exit because everything eventually depends on photographers. And the agency can just put much in advertizing, receiving unfairly the first places in searchers.

of the Photo: Ekaterina Ogarskaya
Pluses of the choice of the photographer on the Internet: the Internet works day and night. Click behind click you can see a portfolio and photos of a great number of photographers. Here your choice is broadest. The good websites on selection of photographers (such as ImageStars. net) allow to sort photographers by the city (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Samara...), to the rendered services (wedding photographing, children`s photographing, Love Story, etc.) to the price (it is possible to choose price range), a rating, popularity and other parameters. On the correct websites for the choice of the photographer it is always possible to see real responses of other clients and the actual prices of works of the photographer.

Minuses of the choice of the photographer on the Internet: Not on all websites can obtain full information on each photographer, including opinions of other customers, a contact information and the actual prices of photographers. It is impossible to be sure for 100 percent that the photo which you see is made by this photographer. Among 1000 photographers on one website happens not easy to choose the most suitable. But nevertheless in 21 - m a century all shortcomings of this way are leveled by the speed, the choice and profitability of this way.

of the Photo: Philip Sobennikov
What differs in

selection of the photographer on the website ImageStars. net?

the New website for selection of photographers of ImageStars. net allows to choose quickly the suitable photographer for your event. The questionnaires on the website filled thousands of photographers from all Russia. At the same time he possesses all pluses of other ways of selection, guarantees the most wide choice, time and money saves yours.

Each photographer on the website ImageStars. net can create only one page and all clients of this photographer can leave about it opinions. You can see works of each expert, postpone pleasant and send the application at once to several chosen photographers. Everyone will offer the price, and already on the same day you will be able to choose the most suitable photographer for your event.

All procedure of the application on the website will take no more than 10 minutes and is absolutely free (photographers pay the minimum commission to system for placement, on it there lives the project). If you are at a loss with the choice, it is possible just to leave the free application and organizers of service will make a selection of the photographers suitable under your inquiry absolutely free of charge!