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International Children`s Day. To whom to present the book?

In the first day of summer are noted the official holiday Children`s Day . Loudly and solemnly all country remembers children, the smallest and dependent penises of our society. Mass media dazzle with messages on charity events and supports. However work of true patrons is not dated for the next holiday - are engaged in it all the year round, without paying attention on loud dates.

In Russia there are several charity foundations which activity promotes rehabilitation, adaptation, education and development of children - disabled people. " charity foundation; The Illustrated books for small blind children among such - the children`s books issued by Fund give rehabilitation help to kids with sight violations, assistance in training and development of little persons. Bright paints promote development of residual sight, and masterpieces of the world literature lay the moral foundation, promote cultural development, children`s souls force to worry, learn to empathize.

Sets of books on a free subscription are formed taking into account psychological needs of children: for younger and advanced preschool age. Besides, Fund the unique developing books - toys - with the three-dimensional image and volume forms are issued.

Today the Fund published more than 100 names of books among which there are fairy tales of people of the world, literary fairy tales, classical works of the Russian and foreign writers. It is really gold collection of surprising books. They are dispatched to all regions of Russia, in specialized child care facilities and libraries for blind people, presented in gift to children with violations of sight within the charitable " program; Books as a gift .

Since 1994, we fill up and we update our base of specialized child care facilities, libraries for blind people, kids with sight violation who are brought up in families. Annually 10 thousand our wards receive a new set of the special illustrated children`s books on a charitable subscription. Each child who managed to be helped is dear to us. The first kids who by means of our books learned the world studied and developed, already grew up. And we are sure that that part of heat and attention which we presented them together with our books will support them and in adulthood.

The international Children`s Day for Fund - not a usual holiday. It is day when it is possible not only to present to children pleasure from a meeting with the new book, but also to draw public attention to problems of blind and visually impaired children. In our forces to make the childhood of all kids happy - to give them the chance of knowledge of the world and pleasure of communication with peers.

If our activity is close and interesting to you, we invite you to take part in the charitable program realized by our Fund.

We will be glad to any participation and the help. We thank all who help the children who appeared in a hard situation who introduces heat and pleasure in their life.