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How it is correct to choose a wall clock?

Successfully picked up wall clock will decorate an interior of any room: bedrooms, drawing room, kitchen, terrace. But to make a right choice, it is necessary to have some knowledge. This article will help you not to be mistaken.

About materials

the Mechanism, or heart of your house. to Choose a quartz watch or to pay a tribute to traditions and to buy mechanical - to solve to you. Both that, and at other option has pluses and minuses. A quartz watch should not be podzavodit, they easier to use and more exact. With the quartz mechanism you will surely find something interesting in a variety of a wall clock. But if you want to get a wall clock the Premium - a class, they will be mechanical. A mechanical clock will more organically fit into a smart situation. Besides, they have potentially bigger service life, and in them it is not necessary to change the battery.

By the way, about the battery. the Durability of the battery in a quartz watch depends on energy consumption of hours. The enough of consumption, the battery will longer serve and the less often it is necessary to change it. On average the battery serves more than a year.

Energy consumption of hours is quite strongly influenced by the course of hours: discrete (step) or smooth. At smooth it increases. Also the weight of arrows influences, the it is more, the more energy is consumed by hours therefore hands try to do of light materials: plastic and aluminum.

From what what our dial is made of. the Dial can be made of metal, ceramics, paper, a tree, a cardboard and a film. Paper and a cardboard are afraid of moisture therefore you should not get such interior hours for the room in which high humidity or for an open verandah is supposed. It is better to hang clock with the film dial where there are no direct sunshine, otherwise the dial will burn out over time.

The most resistant materials, of course, metal, ceramics and tree. But strong materials have the Achilles` heel - weight therefore clock from them should be hung only on strong fastenings.

About glass. For production of interior hours it is used mineral, acrylic (plexiglas) and instrument glass. The strongest among them - acrylic. It cannot almost be broken, but it does not give such gloss as mineral. Instrument glass is also stronger mineral, but all - can fight. But mineral glass is steady against scratches and does not attract dust.

That was convenient to you

That after purchase there was no disappointment, it is necessary to consider some reefs .

Blind " dial;. Design hours, hours - pictures or just original motley watch sometimes have blind person dial. What is it? It when at a glance for hours all their advantages, only not time are visible. Of course, if you bought watch as ornament, it is not terrible. It is more difficult if it is really important to you to learn on them time. In that case, that every day eye not to break give preference to simpler model.

A tic - so - not to fall asleep in any way. We already touched upon a subject of the discrete and smooth course. It should be added that some people very badly transfer tick of a quartz watch. If you are afraid that it will give you an inconvenience, choose hours with the smooth course of a second hand (such is, for example, at Citizen) or without second hand at all (for example, Lowell). As for a mechanical clock, they tick always. But the course is much softer than them and tick is much more silent and more pleasant. At least, cases that someone was irritated by tick of a mechanical clock, to us did not meet.

About design

Interior hours - pictures - first of all decoration of your house. Among variety of styles, forms, palettes, believe, is what to choose! We recommend to pay attention for hours - the pictures made by the Hermle, Lowell, Mado and Timeworks companies.

The Timeworks and Howard Miller brands have very original hours with artificially - the made old dials and ethnic motives . It dish for the real gourmets. A vintage now at popularity peak.

A wall clock with a pendulum - a tribute to the best traditions. Hours for conservative persons and romantics. Spirit of the aristocracy and atmosphere of old England. The most famous producers of a wall clock with a pendulum are Hermle and Howard Miller.

Cuckoo clock. Grandmother`s fairy tale. One of kinds of a vintage fashionable nowadays. The good choice for a cozy bedroom, a drawing room, the nursery, ideal - for a country lodge. You will find them at Kaiser and Schneider.

Special popularity is gained now by hours of non-standard forms and design decisions. If you the fan to surprise, they - your option! Quite often these hours are suitable for style find fault - flew.

If all of you are still lost in the choice, we can give to you couple of simple advice. In - the first, the size of hours has to correspond to the room size. A big clock for big rooms, small - for small. In - the second, pay attention to already existing room situation if it is oversaturated by decorative elements, choose simple hours. If the room, on the contrary, seems to you rather empty, can to be developed properly and to choose hours, larger and difficult on design.

For an interior in style find fault - flew it is possible to choose metal hours with large Arab figures. To recover the drawing room arranged in classical style hours - a picture with a classical landscape or a classical pendulum clock perfectly will approach. For an empire bedroom give preference to hours with the forged florid patterns on the case. Baroque will be decorated by a pendulum clock, but unlike strict hours for classical style, hours in Baroque style will be decorated by a carving and figured elements. For kitchen it is possible to pick up hours with a still life, here it is important that the still life was executed in that style in which the kitchen is arranged.

Pay attention and to color scale, be not afraid of bright flowers, they do our life more beautiful. But also do not forget about the general scale of a situation, everything has to be combined.