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What new direction in a detective genre was created by the French writer Georges Simenon?

Georges Simenon (George Simenon) was born on February 13, 1903, died on September 3, 1989. The Belgian on the birth, obtained the French citizenship in 1922. However, some sources suppose the Russian origin of Simenon.

Since young years actively was engaged in literary activity.

Working capacity and Georges Simenon`s commitment just admire! Only from 1923 for 1931 Simenon published 1075 stories for adults and 150 for children, and also several novels and 19 first detectives (very first - Knox Neulovimy - left in 1926).

In different years of the creative activity Simenon wrote under several pseudonyms.

Simenon created own direction of the detective which is slightly resembling " superficially; police novel .

Spring of 1930 the Parisian publisher Fayar risked to publish the first five novels about the commissioner Megre - in spite of the fact that it was almost convinced of their inevitable failure. The writer remembered then in the autobiographical book I dictate as, having read the manuscript, Feyar told: What you, as a matter of fact, here scribbled? Your novels are not similar to the present detective story. The detective novel develops as a game of chess: the reader has to have all data. You have nothing similar. And your commissioner at all not perfection - is not young, is not charming. The victims and murderers do not cause either sympathy, or antipathy. Everything comes to an end sadly. There is no love, weddings too. It is interesting how you hope to carry away all this public? Fortunately, bad presentiments of the publisher did not justify itself. Simenon`s novels are not only detective stories about the commissioner Megre. He considered as the main works psychological or, as they were called by Simenon, difficult Novels, such as Train Dirt on Snow The Train from Venice President . In them with a special force complexity of the world, human relationship, life psychologism was shown. Unfortunately, at the end of 1972 Simenon made the decision not to write more novels, having left unfinished the next novel Oscar . In the last years of life Simenon wrote a number of autobiographical works, such as I dictate The Letter to my Mother Simple people Wind about the North, wind from the South . In the autobiographical book Intimate diaries Simenon tells about the family tragedy - suicide of the daughter Mari - Ruo in 1978, and about the version of the events which led to her death.

In a cycle about the commissioner Megre about 80 novels and stories; the last novel about it is written in 1972. when the popular writer made the firm decision to stop writing a fiction ( Megre and monsieur Charles - the last novel about Megre), having solved, from - for deteriorations in health, to be engaged only in memoirs.

Zh. Simenon`s works were transferred to all main languages of the world.

Many works from a cycle of novels about the commissioner Megre were picturized. One of the best-known images of Megre is created by the French actor Jean Gueben.

In Liege the house museum of Simenon in the house where he lived up to 19 years is open.

Talented and popular Georges Simenon`s works are almost continuously republished in many countries; earlier, and now. According to UNESCO, Georges Simenon - one of the authors of literary works who are most read in the world. Its books are translated to a set of languages and appear million circulations. Published a few years ago in France 72 - the languid collected works contain 330 works of Georges Simenon.