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Buckwheat diet? A good way to grow thin!

the Diet are a remarkable way to find a fine figure. The problem is that many diets not only do not help, and even harm us. And here buckwheat if not to observe it too long, it is quite safe. At first it seems to

that the choice of buckwheat for a diet is not so ideal, hundred grams of dry buckwheat contain three hundred twenty nine calories, and in a cucumber, for example, of calories only fifteen. However a cucumber you will not be full, of course, and here buckwheat cereal contains a lot of protein and few carbohydrates which are soaked up hardly from - for structures of buckwheat fibers. But also, buckwheat contains many vitamins P and PP, vitamins of group B which improve a condition of hair, skin and nails, and also increase resistance of an organism to stresses. The phosphorus and calcium, iodine, molybdenum, zinc, cobalt, nickel and copper which are contained in buckwheat, and still lemon, apple and oxalic acid are well acquired by an organism. Cellulose in buckwheat is twice more, than in rice, oats and millet. Here it becomes clear why this product was chosen for a monodiet.

Buckwheat contains a large amount of substances which are necessary for normal functioning of an organism. Even more than hundred years ago the Russian scientist Sechenov said that buckwheat cereal with milk - almost ideal food. Buckwheat prevents locks, strengthens capillaries, removes toxins, lowers sugar percent in blood, maintains sight, and still it is eaten for hemoglobin increase.

The buckwheat diet has many pluses. It very simple and rather cheap, and, besides, fast. This diet allows to lose up to five kilograms a week. However long it is impossible to use it, it is recommended to apply such diet within a week, then to take a break.

The buckwheat diet assumes the use in food only of buckwheat which has to be steamed since evening of the boiling water (to fill in one glass of buckwheat with two glasses of boiled water). Such grain sates

more as demands more energy for digestion, besides, it contains more useful substances. There is one ease - it is possible to drink 1% kefir, but it is no more than a liter in day. Still it is possible to drink mineral water, green tea and it is obligatory to accept polyvitamins.

The last meal has to be approximately in four hours prior to a dream, and it is even better - in six hours. But if it is very difficult for you to sustain such period, drink for an hour to a dream a glass or a half-glass of kefir, it will dull feeling of hunger.

It is important to note that a buckwheat diet - bezglyutenovy as buckwheat is not a grain cereal, it does not contain a gluten. This diet and the fact that during its observance the liver, intestines, skin is cleared is good. The buckwheat diet improves a metabolism, removes slags therefore it is useful even to those who are not going to grow thin.

Keeping to this diet, it is impossible to use sauces, salt and seasonings as salt detains water in an organism, and seasonings only kindle appetite. However the lack of salt can lead to a headache, weakness and pressure decrease. In that case salt the next portion of porridge a little.

If you feel low or mental work is necessary to you, it is possible to eat a honey teaspoon, it is not necessary to be afraid of calories - all glucose will be received by a brain. It is the best of all to rassosat honey in a mouth or to part in a glass of water and to drink.

It is better to apply a buckwheat diet no more than a week, it is possible to repeat in a month. However despite all advantage of this diet, many break for the third day. And all because that it is necessary to use only one buckwheat. If you do not want to look at it already in couple of days at all, you are able to afford couple of unsweetened fruit, a spoon of honey or greens not to break absolutely.

Pregnant women and the feeding women cannot apply a buckwheat diet, and also it is contraindicated to patients with stomach ulcers and a duodenum, gastritises.

Is very important to leave a diet gradually, without arranging itself a stomach holiday. It is necessary to include slowly in the diet vegetables, then fish, chicken and fruit.

In the first ten days after a monodiet respect the rules in 1500 calories a day. Then you will be able to eat everything and at the same time to consolidate the received result.

Pluses of a buckwheat diet:

- high efficiency;

- in most cases is not followed by fatigue and weakness;

- absence of feeling of hunger, buckwheat has high caloric content;

- often is followed by improvement of appearance of skin, reduction of display of cellulitis.

Diet minuses:

- the organism does not receive salt and sugar therefore headaches, pressure decline, and also decrease in intellectual activity are possible;

- needs to drink a lot of water, and it brings out of an organism not only slags, but also useful substances. Therefore it is necessary to accept a polyvitaminic complex; - it is rather difficult for

to keep to a diet from - for limitations of a diet.

As you can see, the buckwheat diet not only is effective for weight loss, but also is useful to our organism. However she should not be fond too - one week quite enough, otherwise you risk to receive problems with health.